Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book Review: Addicted


By:  S.A. Archer

Format:  Ebook, Novella

Publisher:  Ravynheart Publishing

Publish Date:  January 2012

Series:  2nd in Touched Series
Affiliated with: Champion of the Sidhe, and Rise of the Unseelie series

Book Synopsis:
Suffering from the addiction to the Sidhe Touch, London is obsessed with finding a source of magic that can ease her curse.  Unfortunately, premium magic like the Touch comes with one heack of a high price tag.  Working off the debt she's racked up to the dealer may well terminate her addiction once and for all, because nothing's more dangerous than doing a Changeling's dirty work.

First Sentence:
"Are you sure he's Sidhe?"

My Thoughts and Summary:
London is feening terribly for the Sidhe Touch, and Sidhe are rare to come across, almost impossible to find.  London is addicted and will pay any price for the touch.  She meets with four newbie vampires who think they know of a Sidhe, when London mentions the magic she see a response the tells her they know where one is.  But to see the Sidhe could cost London more than just money.  Could the next Sidhe be worse than the first one, the one that cursed her?

This novella was a slower start for me.  But in that I will also say it's setting up London's addiction, to make us aware of her condition since we left Cursed which was before she became to bad in her addiction. Also, it draws the world of creatures of night for use too.  We see vampires with fey in this side of the Sidhe series'.  The Touch Series is definitely, thus far of the three series', has more sensual and sexual nuances to it.

We meet a few new characters here.  Rand, I can't say much other than he's not really a good guy but one for the money.  And we meet Joe Lansing.  Now I kind of like Joe, and I'm hoping we have future contacts with him.  He could be a potential strong character to work with London, yet has his opinion on things that might not agree with her too.

London keeps trying to survive with this curse in the "right" way, or as close to it as she can.  London is starting to see that might not be an option, any way she goes.  One thing that stuck with me was no reason or goal was given for a "mission" London was sent on, as her payment, but I'm thinking this is what addiction does to you and you don't have to or want to know.

After reading this one, I'm looking forward to London potentially crossing paths with Donovan from the Rise of the Unseelie series.

I received a copy of this short story for an honest review from the author.


  1. I should say something but I am yawning, so tired. Bed.

    but ok, brain work! nice review

  2. Blodeuedd - I do hope you get a good nights sleep. :) And thank you. Glad you like the review.

  3. Yep, another good fae story. I don't mind it slow when there is a purpose and they don't drag it out more than necessary. Looks like it has a purpose here. Oh I hope you enjoy the next one too!

  4. I haven't read too many stories about faeries, but what I like about them is how the mythology can vary so much. Despite the slow start, this one sounds good.

  5. Now I'm very curious as to what her addiction is and how bad it gets for her.

  6. I didn't know this one either. I really like fairies stories, glad you read another one. I think I will wait for the sequel to know what I'll do about it.

  7. Great review, very honest, I'm just not sure its a book for me ..... still, never say never.

  8. Melissa (Books&Things) - :) Thank you! And yes, there is a purpose, and it's also a short read, so it goes by rather quickly. :) Thank you!

    Missie The Unread Reader - Oh yes! That seems to be the best part about the fey reads, the mythology is expanded in any direction. :) Very neat indeed. Thank you!

    StephanieD - ;) It is a different addiction. ;D But I'm liking the connection here.

    Melliane - There are 3 story lines set in the same world. And I think they will all be 5 short stories, at first to complete the story lines. Then later more stories will come too. Thank you!

    Petty Witter - Thank you. I like the story, but wanted to be honest too. :) And yes, never say never. lol. Thank you!

  9. Thanks for the review, Melissa! You're right about the story lines in the three series being interconnected. Events from Addicted will have consequences in both of the other series.

    ***Spoiler Alert!***
    The guys from Rise of the Unseelie will playing major roles in the books that follow. :D

  10. S.A. Archer - Oh, I can't wait to see how the guys in Rise of the Unseelie connect with London. I kind of have a feeling, but really look forward to reading it. :) Thank you!


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