Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book Blog Chat (22) Stop 2

We have come to the end of Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews.  Wow.  What an ending!

Okay, no messing around today.  Right to business!

***Warning:  There WILL BE SPOILERS in questions and comments.
If you have not read the book and don't want to be spoiled, read no further.

Robyns Questions:
1.)  Curran gave Kate a bowl of food.  Do you think Curran was being nice or does he want something?  Or should I say someone?  He seems to want her but also doesn't seem to want her.
2.)  If Bran lived would Curran have competition?  do you Bran's character could have lived or do you think he was meant to die?
3.)  If someone got a hold of Kate's blood, what do you think they could do with it?

Melissa's Questions:
1.)  What do you think this "Roland" up to that all the knights where away?  We are picking up pieces of history about Roland.  What do you think the story is with him to Kate?
2.)  What blood flows through Kate that would be older than Morrigan?  Any thoughts on her heritage?
3.)  Do you think we'll see Julie again?  What about Red?  Any thoughts on him, here or in the future?


  1. You know my first thought with Roland was that maybe he was the evil man or work for the evil man, haha.

    I'm not sure about him yet. Is he working on something else or maybe it's a connection to Kate.

  2. I'm still not sure about her heritage. I've been trying to think if maybe it has something to do with mythology. There have been a couple references. I really want to look up and see if there is a God that involves something with their blood.

  3. I think we'll see Julie again. Will it be the next book? Maybe or maybe not. I can at least see a reference to her in the next one.

    I don't know if she'll be a character in trouble again but I can see Kate visiting or her visiting from the school.

  4. Red? I think is fifty-fifty. If we continue more about Morrigan, I bet we will see him.

  5. When Curran gave Kate the food, I thought he was being nice but when we heard about what it means to give food? I became really curious. It's hard to tell if Curran has an interest in Kate. I know it's there but not a big interest yet but if he is thinking about the food giving as a true meaning? Now I wonder, haha.

  6. I knew that fight with Bran and Curran would happen.

    I think if Bran had lived, he wouldn't have fought for Kate. He knows how Kate feels and I think he would have tried to learn more about being human.

    I was so happy when he saved Julie.

  7. The blood, again. There were a couple times I kept thinking when she was fighting the blood would spill and someone would discover. I kept waiting and waiting, haha.

  8. Ha ha, funny you should say that about Roland as I wondered that as well with him and the evil man.

    But we did find out that Kates step-father (the one who raised her) was Roland's Warlord and left his serves to take care of Kate. That is something big.

    I just cant figure out how that plays into Kate's blood. As she definitely has a Necromancer's magic to her. Very strong necromancers magic!

  9. I'm very very curious about how Kate's heritage works in here. She made the reference that her blood is older that Morrigan's been around. So, who is known longer that that? I don't know enough history to really know. But that person has a strong Necromancer magic to give Kate the powers she has.

    She has to be head over Roland some how. I'm just not sure how.

    Could that be why the evil man wants her dead? She is to strong and could take over?

  10. Yes, I'm glad you see Julie in the future too. I think she would be very nice to have around, for Kate. I like how she says she can play the "crazy aunt". lol. I can see her doing that. I look forward to seeing Julie again.

  11. Morrigan swore we wouldn't see her again. I wonder if she will stay away or if she will stumble around again too. And Red.... I wonder if he will have anger issues against Kate in the future. :) We will have to see where the series goes, but maybe wont see him for a long time.

  12. LOL! We had to have a man fight! LOL! Bran and Curran had to have it out.

    I don't think Bran would ever have been with Kate. And in part I think Kate realized she had feelings for Curran when she saw him get attacked by the reeves. She would never admit to it, but I think there was a spark there.

    Bran and Curran where fighting that fight for a few reasons, in my mind. Curran was of course standing his ground on his decision that Bran didn't like. But also to make a manly stand for Kate too.


  13. Oh, Curran I think has an idea, just he doesn't know how strong her blood is.

    He realized something was up when she used the power word on him, but then in the battle she used it and it worked so strongly.

    I was curious about her blood being spilled as well.

    But the tears is what got me. Do you think it was her tears that made all those flowers grow? That is amazing. From this and what she did with Bran when he was dying, she has some serious life magic in her. She is amazing!! Almost a god-like feel to her now.

    I would be curious to see what Julie sees around Kate. I wonder what color it is, if it's a deity color?

  14. Oh god. Curran has it so hard up for Kate it's to funny. lol.

    Oh, I think he knew exactly what he was doing when he gave Kate the bowl of food. He did do it very slyly though. The woman brought the food in, and Curran offered it to her. Sneaky guy.

    And Curran at the end!!! OH. MY. GOD. I loved that man right then and there. lol. He just had to tell her why he was there no matter what she said. And I loved him for it.

  15. I have a feeling Roland will play a bigger role in either the next book or the one after that. I can't wait to find out more about him.

  16. Another thing about Roland. If he is somehow in connection with the evil man. Could he be like a worker for the evil man? Maybe he's going to be watching Kate.

  17. We might not see Morrigan but I bet we could see Red, the more I think about it.

    You're right. He'll have anger issues next time we see him. Kate better watch it.

    I don't think we'll see him for a long time either. If we do, maybe a subplot type thing.

  18. I think Curran knows Kate is something special and wants to keep his eye on her but maybe to protect her. Well and he likes her, haha.

    But I think he'll want to keep her close by and keep her safe.

  19. The ending scene with Curran and Kate? I hope we get more of that in the next book.


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