Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cover Released: Chasing Magic

I've become a fast fan of Stacia Kane's books and particularly the Downside Ghosts series, and the 5th book has a cover!!

Yes, I know I'm a little behind the eight ball, but I was sick so I'm a little delayed, but sharing anyway....

Now Stacia did make a comment on Twitter to not read to much into the small smile on the model here.  So, well... *shrugs shoulders* Maybe not all that happy then?

I do like the tattoos Chess has here, and the city in the background.  I look forward to reading on in this world.


  1. I love the colors on the cover. They really pop! The tattoo is also very cool. I haven't read any of her novels but it looks like it would stand out on the shelf.

  2. Cari - Hi! This one is on the brighter side. And I really like it too. :) Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I really like this cover! And I know I shouldn't read too much in the smile, but I like how it's kinda... sneaky... mysterious... Lol! Okay, I'm stopping. Gah, I so have to read her books. I have one waiting and I'm super curious!

  4. Rebecca - So glad you like this cover. That smile does seem sneaky, and makes you wonder what she's been up to. :) Oh, I hope you enjoy her books if you get to reading them. :) Thank you for stopping by!


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