Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Favorite Fictional Character (30)

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I have to pick one character that really has made me laugh while reading her stories.  Jane True by Nicole Peeler.  Our first introduction was made in Tempest Rising, then again in Tracking the Tempest.

Jane is a selkie, or half selkie.  Her mother was found wandering through the city buck naked.  Her father fell in love with her afterward.  Then came Jane.  Jane is a strong swimmer and bears the burden of guilt for her boyfriend from high school (that's all I'll say on that).

Jane is one the home town stares, points, and gossips about due to her past.  But Jane having the strong will she does, pulls through stays in her home and doesn't want to leave it.  She cares for her ill father, making sure he is loved, feed, and takes his pills.  But even though Jane is a strong character to keep going and get through the tough stuff, she has a great sense of humor.  I think this is part in what has helped Jane stay 'sane' per say with all that has happened to her in her life... her mother up and leaving without a trace and with her boyfriend from high school.  I love the quick one liners she comes up with in any situation.  She puts reality into laughter and great jokes, snarky.    Jane has wonderful secondary characters in which her humor and snark play off of nicely.  They are wonderful characters for Jane and her strengths.

Even the crazy experiences she has are fun to read.  There where many times what happened to her or around her made me laugh just as much as her comments.  Then, Jane does get herself into some sticky situations... that end in a joke.

Do you want to learn more about Jane True?  Check out her series by Nicole Peeler.  Nicole's site is HERE.  Two books about Jane's adventures are out and the third will be out January 2011.

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