Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog Book Chat: Blue Diablo part 2

We are at our second stop of the book, Blue Diablo by Ann Aguirre.

If you would like to visit the first discussion you can do so, HERE.

If you are curious about our schedule for the book, here is the schedule again.  Remember, this post is here for good so if you have not read the book completely yet and want to come back later - please do.

   1st Stop: Sept. 2, 2010 pg 104, after chapter; More Than One Way to Skin a Potato
   2nd Stop: Sept. 9, 2010 Pg 210, after chapter; Have Dog, Will Travel
   3rd Stop: Sept. 16, 2010 End of the book

If you have not read the book and planning on it.  Enter with fair warning, as there WILL BE SPOILERS found here.

So, now lets get started with our questions....

From Robyn:

1.  Do you think Kel and Clayton are behind this or is there something else following them? When I say something, it could be anything supernatural.
2.  Do you think Chance's mom is still alive?
3.  Is it really Chance they want? Could they be using Chance and his mom to get to Corine?
4.  Are we starting to trust Jesse?

From Me:
1.  Corine's father was mentioned by Twila on page 117.  Who took her father & why?  What patterns bind her and Chance?  Could it be the same people who took his mother took her father?  Or just that they are similar experiences?

2.  When Chance and Corine talk to the Doc he looks off to the corner funny.  Are the Shadows watching?  What is he not sharing?

3.  What do you think Min, Chance's mother was or is mixed up in?

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