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Book Review: From a Far Land

From a Far Land
Jaben's Rift, book 1

By:  G. David Walker

Publisher:  Self Published By Author

Publish Date:  July 2010

Genre:  Fantasy

Format:  Paperback, 311 pages

Series:  Book 1 in Jaben's Rift series

Recommendation:  Yeah, this would be a great fantasy start for young adults and a nice visit for adults if you enjoy conspiracies with god like beings.

Book Synopsis:
From a far land, Jaben shall come...

One impulsive step plus one ancient prophecy equals one messed up summer vacation.  Jason Bennett never intended to change the world, his own or anyone else's.  Then a family vacation becomes a journey to Teleria, a place where magic works and humans aren't the only intelligent race.

Thought to be Jaben, a powerful figure foretold to hold the fate of Teleria in his hands, Jason gets caught in a dangerous tug of war between Teleria's ruling Circle of Nine and one of his own ancestors who opposes the Circle.  Adding to his dilemma, he finds himself at the center of a conflict between two of the Altered, a small group of godlike beings, one of whom is aiding Jason's ancestor against the Circle.

Unable to return home, Jason must learn to use power he isn't convinced he has, keep from triggering an all out war between the Altered that could devastate Teleria, and survive the plans of some in the Circle who believe his death is the only thing that will save Teleria.  Before he can do anything, he must decide who's telling him the truth, and who only wants to use him.

Not exactly the vacation he had planned.

First Sentence:
The ancient structure crouched in the middle of the Scottish woods.  For centuries, it had waited...

My Review and Summary:
A quick beginning while Jason Bennett is exploring a stone dilapidated building in the Scottish woods steps unknowingly through a rift portal.  But, someone had been waiting for him to find his way.  After seeing a kaleidoscope of colors and visuals crystallize, he is greeted by Reyga Falerian, a Loremaster, to the world of Teleria.  Jason finds it hard to believe he is no longer in Scotland, or even on his world.  Reyga has to restrain Jason and in doing so realizes there is something different in Jason.  Is it good or bad?  Reyga isn't sure.  After speaking to the High One of the Circle, Reyga agrees to bring Jason to the city where the High One and the rest of the Loremasters are to meet him and verify for themselves.  As the High One fears Jason might be the one the prophecy speaks of, which could end good or bad.  In the process Jason meets many interesting characters and gets mixed up in a ploy to overthrow the Circle.

I enjoyed this read.  I was worried after starting the book that this would be another basic story of a young one unknowingly finds and goes through a portal to a fantasy world, thinks they are dreaming, then finds there way home.  As a portion of this is true, not all of it is.  After I started getting into this fantasy world and learning more of it, I found I really enjoyed it.  The history of the world is detailed out for you, with pieces left open, but great areas to grow with in the future books.  Enough is given to understand the world and to build on as the book and future books go.  I found I liked the premises of the way the world came to be how it is now, and it was easy for me to follow and understand.

The books started with a Prologue where there was something in the descriptive words I liked.  The flow is nice and smooth here and the brief exchange caught my eye and made me curious.  There are short sections through most of the book in which you know someone is watching or waiting, but you don't know exactly who.  I wanted to get to see this character.  And I did in the end.

The characters here in this story are unique.  We have a variety and mix of races here along with dimsai, or magical, ability.  And how all these races got to this world.  It is all explained here.  I did have a little bit of a hard time with the main character Jason at times though, but I can explain why he is the way he is too.  He is an eighteen year old young man.  He does have his moments where he rages, but it was the calm moments with complete understanding and trust that caught me off guard.  I thought Jason was to understanding at the times that where big moments with heavy information.  But this is also what makes him likable to the other characters, as he doesn't act as they would have thought he would.  I really found I enjoyed the character Lenai and Crin.  But the ones I liked the set up for and made me curious about are the Altered, the godlike beings.

A great mix of godlike beings, fantasy creatures, fantasy world, and magic.  I would like to read book two to see where Jason and a few other characters go.

If you would like to visit G. David Walker's site to check more out on the book, CLICK HERE.

I received this book from the author for review.

This book qualifies for the Speculative Fiction Challenge hosted by Book Chick City, and the Young Adult Challenge hosted by Home Girl.

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