Thursday, September 2, 2010

Book Challenge...

Friends over at Speculative Book Review are doing Book challenge, starting today.

What's the challenge you ask...
Book Challenge:  To find that diamond in the rough.  What we are doing is reading authors we have not read before and then talking about the books.  We know this may not work out the best for everyone, but the chance to find some good reads that no one has heard of or read is always the winning end.  So, consider yourself challenged...

If you have a blog, leave a comment over at Speculative Book Review they'll link to you. If you don't have a blog leave a comment or send an email and they'll post about it later.

Here is a link to the Book Challenge we are all working on and the books they picked. CLICK HERE

Stop by their blog and see what others are reading.  Next week we will be posting the reviews of these books.

So what am I going to read?
Good Reads Synopsis:
PEOPLE OF THE SWORD combines myth, history, and conquest with music, sorcery and a touch of romance to impart the struggles of two vastly different cultures suddenly dependent on one another for survival. Confronted by a common enemy, the wizard Crarnock, the druids and knights of Tropal realize that only through cooperation can they defeat Crarnock's goblin army. The journey will test the resolve of both peoples as they realize that their collective bias and misunderstandings are as much a threat as Crarnock himself. For readers interested in history, mythology, culture change, and classic struggles between Good and Evil, PEOPLE OF THE SWORD is for you.

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