Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Blog Chat (3)...Stop 1

Time to start Discussing!  Books that is...

Red-Headed Stepchild  by  Jaye Wells

In case you would like to see the schedule again for reading the book here it is with dates and stopping points.

Now for our schedule:
   September 30th - Stop 1 ~ pg 75 (Chapters 1-8)
   October 7th -        Stop 2 ~ pg 154 (Chapters 9-16) 
   October 14th -      Stop 3 ~ pg 248 (Chapters 17-24)
   October 21st -      Stop 4 ~ end of book ~ pg 325.

Now, lets get going on the fun part.  Chatting.

Please remember, there will be spoilers to the book if you have not read it!

Jaye Wells was kind enough to direct us to the place on her blog that has some great questions for us to us in chatting.

Here are Jaye's discussion questions:
1. In this part of the book, did you have any trouble empathizing with Sabina?
2. How would you describe Sabina's relationship with Lavinia?  The Dominae in general?
3. How does Sabina’s interaction with Giguhl affect your opinion of her?
4. The first chapter of RHSC came from a flash fiction piece that gave birth to Sabina’s character. You can find it here.  After you read it, discuss how Sabina’s character changed from that to the first chapter of the book.

Robyn's questions:
1. Who is the mage following her?  Friend or foe?
2. Do we trust her Grandmom?
3. Do you think Sabrina will change sides?

Melissa's questions:
1. Do you think something is up with the Dominae for David to switch sides?  What do you think it is?  And who is Sabina not to trust?
2. Sabina seems to be getting strange vibes and things catch her eye.  Why do you think this is happening?

Do you have questions?  Ask away in the comments, we love to chat.

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