Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blog Book Chat (4) - 2nd Book in September!

Followers of the Urban Fantasy Blog Book Chat we have added another book for September....

Robyn and I thought we would throw a second book into the mix here in September and discuss TWO books!  Wild or what!?! 

Okay, so the book...  We did the first book as our first discussion book and enjoyed ourselves so much.  Then the second one is coming out September 28th soooo since we really wanted to read this one as well, we decided to dive into this one as well.

What book is it you ask...  Well, the one and only
Double Cross
By Carolyn Crane

Do you want to join us?

We will be doing these discussions on Mondays, that way both books will have their day in the sun.  We don't have the page numbers and chapters yet.  We know is we will be starting the chats on Monday October 4th.

As soon as we get the books and look them over, we will get the schedule posted.

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