Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teaser Tuesday (16)

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly event.

Sponsored by MizB of Should be Reading.

(I am rotating from Teaser Tuesday and Where are you? on Tuesdays. This week is the teaser.)

Here's how it works:

Grab the book you are currently reading (anything at all)

Open the book to any random page.

Share 2 "teaser" sentences from anywhere on the page.

Please Make Sure They Are Not Spoilers!

(Don't Give Too Much Away)

Just enough to pique our interests.

List the book and author so other participants can get their hand on it if they choose to read it as well.

This week:

He hated keeping secrets from Hadrian and it weighed heavily on his conscience, which was amazing because he never knew he had one. Royce defined right and wrong by the moment. Right was what was best for him-wrong was everything else. He stole, lied, and even killed when necessary. This was his craft and he was good at it.

Nyphron Rising
By Michael J. Sullivan


Zia said...

Dang makes me not want to cross Royce's path heh. Great teaser!

Jackie said...

Hadrian's lucky to have someone so loyal though perhaps Royce rakes things to extremes? Great teaser, Melissa.

Simcha said...

Wow, a very intriguing selection. How are you enjoying the book so far?

Melissa (My World) said...

Zia - Royce talks the line AND does act the part, but if he likes you, you should be safe. Great character!

Jackie - Hadrian does have a great friend in Royce. They are a great team.

Simcha - I have just started this book, so I am still in the beginning of it. But I have read the first two books and really enjoyed them. I am hoping this one holds up to my hopes of it. I will definitely let you know.

celi.a said...

Sorry it took me so long to get over here and read your teaser!

It's a good one this week - I like the description of the discovery of a conscience. That must have been a shock! Nice choice.

And, as always, thanks for coming by my blog! *smile*

Melissa (My World) said...

celi.a - Always glad when you make it by, and late is always great too. I know I have been running late in getting to all the blogs as of late as well. I thought that was a great description of Royce discovering the conscience he has. Thank you for stopping by! :)