Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Tuesday... Where are you? (9)

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I am currently with Bernal and Yolanda, hiding in a tree house. She is spying on Mr. Spillvagens, whom she is always following and tormenting. Yolanda blames Mr. Spillvagens for the death of her Uncle when he was in the cyrobank (Mr. Spillvagens worked there). Bernal is grateful Yolanda found him in that dark wine cellar where these two women locked him in there by pulling out the pin in the opening mechanism. Who were those two women? They are up to no good with the wrong people... I would like to get more information from them. I am a little suspicious of Yolanda but Bernal seems to be trying to get as much information as he can from her. Maybe he is suspicious as well, just hiding it well to get more information on Spillvagen, the cyrobank, and the connection with Hesketh (the space machine running around town) along with Muriel's death. I have my ideas of solving the mystery an tying all the pieces together. I will have to see what Bernal finds out to know if I am right or not.

Brain Thief
By Alexander Jablokov


  1. Sounds like an interesting mystery.

  2. I've always wanted a tree house! Seems like a fun place to hide out.
    So the Brain Thief is a mystery? Are you almost done with it?

  3. Zia - It is! I was lost for a while but now I think I am found, or at least on the correct path. The beginning was learning all the different pieces and not knowing if what I was reading was right. Then the books started clearifying more for me. Now I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Simcha - Yea, its a mystery with scifi stuff. I do have to say... I didn't know brains really do come into play here when I sent you the tweet. There are a few people who have been killed and their heads are missing. But at least there is not a lot of gore told or anything like that. I am hoping to be done at the end of this week. I have about 150 pages left.

  4. Wow... a mystery!!?
    Sounds like a puzzling book but at least you are having your questions answered and finding your way!!=)

    I am with Simcha..... I wanted a tree house soOooO and when I was little but never got it.

    I think this is a really cool Meme.... I will have to try it some time!=)

    I cant wait to hear your thoughts on this one!!=)

  5. Sounds very mysterious! I have never heard of this book. I look forward to your review.

    I have an award for you:


  6. Chasity - I have to go with you and Simche. It would be great to have a tree house to hide out in. Lots of fun! Glad you like the meme. I will keep an eye out for when you do it.

    Michelle - It is a great mystery with the element of SciFi for me. Thanks for the award!


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