Sunday, January 10, 2010

50+ Followers Contest!!!

So now I have hit 60 Followers! This is just amazing! You are all wonderful followers.

Thank you all!

I have been thinking on what to do for a contest for all you amazing people out there. I think I am going to give you a choice. You tell me in your post here which you would like.

Your Choices to pick from:

1. $15 Amazon e-Gift card.


2. The Iron Hunt by Marjorie M. Liu

I thought I would send Iron Hunt to a winner (if they choose) as I read this book along with the second in the series, Darkness Calls, last year and really enjoyed them. If you would like to read my reviews again here is Iron Hunt and here is Darkness Calls.

So, I wanted to share this with someone. Also, I am currently reading Inked. Inked is an anthology with four authors; Karen Chance, Marjorie M. Liu, Yasmine Galenorn, and Eileen Wilks. The story in this book by Marjorie M. Liu is also about Maxine Kiss and the boys. Then I have just found out Marjorie has a new book of Maxine and the boys coming out in August 2010.

So, to celebrate my good news of 50+ followers and Marjories new books I thought she would be a great author to share with you.

Now, time for the rules:

~ This contest is to anyone where can ship to. (I am trying to include everyone here.)

~ I am going to try to keep this simple... Just leave me a comment here with any thoughts you have on tattoos... Do you have one? Do you like them? Do you want one but just never got one? (I happen to fall in this last category.) Or just any comment will do.

~ Please leave your email address so I can contact you when the winner is picked.

~ Of course, you must be a follower by way of Google Friend Connect.

Contest will end: February 7, 2010!


  1. I am a follower (DG)

    I personally don't want a tattoo but they certainly intrigued me and I love to see what sort of art different people choose!


  2. I've never been a big fan of tattoos, at least on myself, but I guess they can look pretty cool sometimes.


  3. I've always thought neck tattoos were sexy but I'm too needle phobic to ever get one myself. :)[at]gmail[dot]com

  4. Not into tatoos, don't really want to date anyone with them, but if they are small I can deal with it.

  5. Congrats on 60! Here's to 60 more! :) All good things should come to ones named Melissa... :D

    As for the tattoo question. Here's the deal with me. I'm not needle phobic and I like some of the tat artwork. My problem is that I know if I got one eventually I would want it in another spot or that I would want something else. Not a good attitude for getting something permanent. ;) Otherwise, if I didn't feel this way, I would have had at least one tat by now.

    books (dot) things (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. I am a follower.

    I have 5 tattoo's. So I guess I can say I fall into the enjoy them category. Mine are mostly small though. One on my ankle, chest, wrist, partial one on lower back (haven't finished it yet), and one very small one on my shoulder (a leftover from my wild teenage years)


  7. Thanks for the contest-- congrats on all the followers!

    Here's my email: CalicoCritic at gmail dot com

    Prize preference: $15 Amazon GC

    Tatoos: I don't have one, and I think if I ever got one it would be in an inconspicuous place and very small. I haven't had enough interest in them b/c they're so permanent and I wouldn't want to make a mistake. And while I think tattoos are an art form, I think it's unattractive to have your body covered in them. Just a personal preference.

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

    Laura Hartness
    The Calico Critic

  8. Wow! Congrats on the followers!

    I have two tattoos. I got my first one when I was 22 years old. It's on my right ankle and it's the Aerosmith wings logo (without the name). My second one I got 8 years ago for my first Mother's Day. It's on my left leg on the left side of my calf and it's a picture of a cat kissing a baby in profile. The tattoo artist modeled the baby's profile on a baby picture of my son so it would look more like him. I plan on adding my son's names around it eventually. I have been planning on getting my third tattoo for several years but haven't had the money and I've been mulling ideas. Now I know that whatever I get next will be book related and probably on the inside of one of my wrists. I also plan on getting one on the back of my neck someday. Yes, I guess you can tell that I love tattoos!

    My prize preference would be the $15 Amazon card.

    Of course, you know I'm a loyal follower (and friend)!

    Thanks for the giveaway Mel =O)


  9. I'm a follower!

    There was a while when I wanted a tattoo.. like a little heart or initials, but I don't think I ever will get one. Too permanent!

    preference: Amazon card
    northssclub at yahoo dot com

  10. Yeah for you! Congrats on all the wonderful followers. I've always wanted a tattoo but I'm too damn fickle to ever get one. I would love it for a week then change my mind. It would be a neverending cycle.

    Great contest! And of course I'm a follower.

    And since you like the book so much I'll go for the book.

  11. Congratulations again on your 50 followers. I have very mixed feelings on tatoos depending on how well they are done and, on women, how discreet they are but dislike them on knuckles or the neck. My younger sister has several and nothing was said, I get a small nose piercing (in my late 20's/early 30's) and my parents go mad - perhaps I've always been seen as the sensible

  12. oH CONGRATS, mEL!! How very cool!! And awesome you are having a contest YAY MEL!!!

    Oh and I will be emailing you soon :)

  13. Congratulations Melissa! :D

    I've got both Iron Hunt and Inked in my TBR pile. I really need to start reading faster! :)

    Got my first tattoo in October. It's two books on my inside left ankle. I've always wanted a tattoo but could never decide what to get. Then one day it hit me! I'm a bookaholic, so should get a book tattoo! Was easy to decide on a design after that. I was afraid it would hurt, but it wasn't bad at all. Actually got bored waiting for him to finish! *L*

  14. Great contest, I would love to win the gift card and of course I am a follower.

    I have a tattoo of a sunflower on my calf. I've thought about getting another but not sure what I want.

    My grandmother got a tattoo when she was 75!! Can you believe it? A rose with a butterfly. So I have plenty of time to decide on another one

  15. Congratulations on reaching 50+followers! May you get many, many more.

    I have always wanted to get a tat. I think they are cool. I don't think I will ever get one due to my fear of pain and needles. :-)

  16. Congrats on the followers.

    I dont have one. But I have thought about it a lot. I just cant decide what I want or where I want it. So until I am sure, I dont want to go though with it.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  17. I don't have any, and I don't think I'll ever get one. I like them, but I change my mind too often to put something permanent in my body.


  18. I've always wanted a tattoo, but I'm unable to decide on the ONE thing I'd want. :(

    spiffyish at hotmail dot com

  19. Oooh...interesting suject, tattoos. I don't have one...nor have I actually wanted one...but have plenty of friends that do and LOVE them! They vary from Chinese symbols to flowers and fairies....just depends on their taste!

    Great contest by the way! Congrat's on the followers! (I'm one of the new ones!) If I win, I would love the $15 e-card for Amazon! Thanks...and happy reading!


  20. congrats on 50+ followers

    I don't have any tattoos but I do like them as long as they are tasteful.


  21. I have no tattoos, but have always admired them and love book where they play a large roll (i.e. Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr). I really like the use of them in this series, too.

    I would love to be entered for the $15 Amazon card! You can reach me at lindseypro21 (at) aol (dot) com.

    Good luck with your blog!

  22. I am new follower and let me tell you that you have a very calming place. I left you a comment in that little box that is at the bottom of this page. And just so no one thinks I am losing my mind, some one else said the same thing, lol!

    I do not have any tattoo but done right, they can be astounding works of art.
    I am glad that I found your place!
    Have a great day!

  23. I don't know how I managed to overlook your contest, but congratulations on all your followers. I see you have 75 now, wow!
    So I actually really like artistic tattoos. When I used to work at a magazine store I enjoyed browsing through the tattoo magazines and seeing all the interesting tattoos people have.
    But since it's actually against Jewish law to get a tattoo, I would never do so, though I would probably be too afraid of the pain to do it anyways.

  24. Great giveaway melissa! Yes - my friends chipped and paid for me to get a tattoo this year. It is a rose and has the names of my mom,dad, and sister engraved in the leaves. I lost them all in a tragedy so it has special meaning to me.

    I am really glad I did it.

    journey through books @ gmail dot com

  25. I'm a new follower =)

    as for tattoos, I've wanted one as a kid because my aunt got one on her ankle and it was very pretty, but now I'm older it's time to think of long-term skin growth effects and suitability to different jobs lol
    I may get a small one when something especially important happens in my life, but not casually...I hate needles and my skin is quite sensitive to any foreign substance =(


  26. Tattoos? No. Thanks for entering my name is your giveaway.


  27. Congrats on your 60+ followers!!!
    I am also on the Book Reader Times board aswell. Thanks for the contest!!!

    My thoughts on tattoos. I love them and have 13 of them myselfs. Tats are a to express yourself in your own way!! Tattooing is a way to show love, passion, the things that you love in like most. A way to remember a person that is pasted. I can't say a bad thing about tattooing..


  28. I don't have a tattoo, but I think they're beautiful! I go back and forth on wanting one, I'm afraid I'll regret it once I get it.

    I would like the $15 Amazon e-Gift card.

  29. I don't like big tattoos but sometimes I fantasize about the idea of getting a tiny hidden one somewhere.
    I would love to be entered in your draw. Thanks.
    I just became a follower of your blog.

  30. I am a wuss, so don't have a tattoo myself. Love them on men, though, especially the subtle designs around the biceps.


  31. Congrats on reaching so many followers!

    I would love to get a tattoo. I've been thinking about getting one for years. I'm still deciding on what design I want so I kept putting it off for fears, but when I do finally decide on what I want, I am definitely getting one. I think they are gorgeous works of art, and look absolutely hot! :D

    I just became a follower by Google Friend Connect.

    Anna ♥

  32. Congrats on 60 followers!
    I have no tattoos but only because I'm a total wuss when it comes to needles.
    I'd prefer the book if I won.
    Of course I'm a follower :)
    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  33. I am a new follower.

    I have a tattoo on my right ankle. It is a rose with a beautiful monarch butterfly landing on the rose. I was young and my husband, friend and I all got a wild hair to just up and get a tattoo. While I think it is a pretty tattoo, I probably would choose to not have it done again. My husband went back and had a second one done, and wants to have a portrait of our teenage daughter that passed away 4 years ago. So I guess it is just different for everyone.

  34. Congrats on reaching 50 followers! I am followig on Google Friends and Twitter.

    I think that small tattos can be very pretty. I don't have one and probably won't get one. I have this thing about needles..very scary! Thanks!


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