Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Favorite Fictional Character (15)

Favorite Fictional Character

Thanks to the creative mind of Ryan at Wordsmithonia.

This week I have picked a character that is just amazing with his mind. This man always has a creative solution to every problem. His television series ran from 1985 to 1992. The series was named after him... MacGyver.

Angus MacGyver was always ingenious secret agent. He had an eductated background as a scientist with bomb disposal before he started working with the US government.

As I remember back to the show he never carried a gun and from what I remember prefered to solve all problems with out violence. (Which maybe we could use again on tv.)

The one thing I remember most of this amazing character was wondering what kind of sticky situation he would end up in and what he would do to get out of it. See, if there is anyone out there who doesn't remember or know who MacGyver is, he was well known to me because he could use the most common tools combine together to make a very powerful tool to help stop the bomb or get out of the locked room.

I was always amazed at how he could use a paperclip, rubber band, and gum for the most dangerous of situations and come up with an unbelievable tool to solve all. Okay, so that may be a little exaggeration, but he did use some crazy things together to make many great tools. I even learned so science with electric and wires and combining some things together. He was always quite handy and I really liked that.

I think this is another one of those shows that ran in the 80's and we could use another show like it now! Less violence, solving situations peacefully with out killing everyone, and USING your Brain! Wonderful things to teach the children of the world again. I miss this show along with others from this time.


Alexia561 said...

I remember when this show was on, but never watched it for some reason. You're right that we could use a show like this nowadays! Great choice!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Oh yeah MacGyver - you are right he was the picture of peace. I bet he could have defused a temper with an olive! The man could do anything :)

Ryan said...

I so looked up to him when I was a kid. He was brilliant and could get out of any situation. Great choice this week.

Zia said...

This was a great show!!

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

I loved that show! He was so cute back then, wasn't he? He made the mullet look good =O)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Alexia - You never watched him! Wow. I do have to say he was amazing with just the common little things to come out of a real pickle of a situation.

Sheila - lol! I think you maybe right on defusing a temper with an olive. He was great with what he had at hand.

Ryan - We wanted to learn so much from him. We thought it was great the way he rigged things and made them work. We always wanted to learn to do these things too. Almost like watching a science show on tv and trying to learn.

Zia - Glad you stopped by, and enjoyed the show too.

Michelle - He was cute... But at that age I wasn't really looking at that yet. lol.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I have to admit... I love the jokes that have come out of this show more than the show itself. :)

Simcha said...

I've never actually watched MacGyver, but I've definitely heard of the show. Now that you describe it, it sounds really interesting and I'm curious to see it. I think I'll look up one of these episodes and give it a try.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Melissa - Those jokes have all been great. I even watched the priceless credit card commercial while looking for the picture for the post.

Simcha - If you find a show I hope you enjoy it. They will look old but the idea at the time was great.

bookmagic said...

He was so crafty! I watched some of these episodes but not all. I wonder if it's on cable somewhere

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Deb - You have me wondering too if it is on as reruns somewhere. There are many reruns running on different channels so it could be showing up late at night somewhere.