Thursday, January 28, 2010

Balderdash (20)

is a weekly meme hosted by Ryan at Wordsmithonia.

This is very easy to do!
If you comment on blogs you can do this too.

  • Write down all the word verifictions you get while posting comments on other peoples blogs.

  • You then play Balderdash with them.
In case you don't know how to play:
You take the made up word and come up with an authentic sounding definition for it.
Do this for a week and then post your best or favorite ones every Thursday.

Here are mine for this week:

ventise - the feeling one has when you have had a bad time at some thing or are irritated with someone and in search to find that one friend to let all frustration out on.

ficlaw - the extra claw in which some cats have that is located up higher on their leg that is used in hunting.

extelyo - the moment all your emotions surface and you cry, laugh, and wimper at the same time then have to try to explain the strange feelings that end up being unexplainable.

hyrele - a four legged animal with long legs built for running, in which has a high sounding bark then a sudden intake of breath with a whistling sound.  This animal also has a bit that is electrical ~ inwhich the instant the bottom two fangs break the skin an electrical shock is sent to the prey to paralyze it to become the meal.


  1. Another good weeks! Embarrassed to admit that I had a little ventise episode just last week. *L*

  2. Great words this week, ventise is something that happens to me way to often

  3. I like extelyo. I've had a few moments like that.

    I think the hyrele might give me nightmares, though. LOL

  4. Alexia - don't be embarrassed! I have it happen all the time. lol. Thank goodness the women I work with are great and let me vent when needed.

    Ryan - I have to say it happens to me quite a bit too. We all need our time in the box doing so or we would explode.

    La Coccinelle - Hyreles ended up sounding pretty bad the more I typed. They just might give me nightmares too. lol.

    Thank you all for stopping by!

  5. I am now afraid of the hyrele....LOL Great words Melissa!

  6. Petty Witter - I know the feeling of extelyo all to well. lol. Hope you had a great weekend.

  7. extelyo... I like that one!!

    I always have fun reading these but I dont know if I am creative enough to do my own!!

    Keep them coming Melissa!!=)

  8. Chasity - Glad you liked extelyo. I am happy to hear you enjoy reading these. I think you could find once you start doing these and making up the difinitions it becomes addicting and easier as you go. You should give it a try some time. It is always fun too. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying these.


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