Monday, May 7, 2012

The Gearheart: Artifice Ep 36 & 37

Cog with her sword and magic

The Gearheart

By:  Alex White

Format:  Podcast; 51 minutes

Genre:  Fantasy

Episode:  36 of 37

Wills and blades clash in the city of the dead.

My Thoughts and Summary:
The Admiral sees his home, Keldenorn, swept away and all remaining dead; friends and family are now just lifeless bodies left.  He watches as it is suspected all is not over, and he is right.  Nicholas now can not feed, with his chain broken.  Astrid feels for his lose, and the lose of Nicholas feeding on her emotions.  All prepare for battle.  The deadly fight begins.

Astrid dons her crown, a device to control her mechanical servitors; the ones to kill all.  Yet she feels something she shouldn't.  A feeling of sadness for Maeve Mannors having to die, but with the device attached, she doesn't care any longer...they will all be dead soon.

Cog, Augustus, Darren, and Maeve meet up with Wallaby, Buskerton, and Crust to fight this hard battle.  Crusts head aches as he wonders on who is the special person here.  Jonathan, Cog, Nicholas, or even Audun could be the one.

The battle begins!  The mechanical creatures attack, and Cog makes it in the manor, to have a magical wall go up.  She is trapped inside to fight Nicholas, and others are outside fighting.  The brass fingers appear.  This is what Jonathan saw killing Maeve!  This is part of the creatures Astrid has created.

Cog feels the wrath of her fathers powerful staff, now in her brothers possession.  Augustus does what he can to try and stop the mechanical creatures.  But with heavy artillery fire, they are now under attack that could end all their lives.  And Cog is not faring well against her brother.  He has started the generator now, passing on as the world is now going to die.

Where is Jonathan, or Audun?  Gaa!  As much as I don't want Audun to make it, he is needed in this battle!

Gaa!  What a deadly battle.  So visible with the creatures and falling artillery.  The fighting, the flash of lights. All that is happening.  One episode left!  And it's a long one.  Got to get to listening!


Format:  Podcast, 1hr 20mins.

Episode:  37 of 37

The Final battle awaits.

My Thoughts and Summary:
The Finale of all finales!

Audun shows up.  Augustus realizes why Maeve needed to be saved, and it has to do with him.  Everyone is fighting, for their lives and for man kind!

Oh this episode is full to the hilt with action and details we have been waiting for!  We learn the reason why Maeve had to be saved when she arrived at Circeville, and it has to do with Augustus and his abilities.  Darren fights to save his love.  Buskerton!! Oh, I knew I loved him from the beginning.  We see him change into a form we never would have thought.

Audun has to make a choice, die or let Jonathan come forth, which would mean death for him anyway.  But he wants to die a man's death, in battle.

Cog has an ally, Darren who helps her come back to herself and off to fight Nicholas she goes.  But someone unexpected shows up to help Cog.  Well, unexpected to Cog.  Just when Jonathan thinks Cog has lost her fighting will and is leaving, he realizes she is working something magical.  And it works!

In the end, the few who survive have to figure out what to do, where to go.  They can't go back to the Seekers now, after all that's happened.  We have a new love found, and sharing with families of the lost.  Then we have an epologe, where we see Keegan again.

We have come to the end.  But, with the few hints left, Alex can take these characters and tell different stories with each one and the adventures to come for them.

Are you curious about The Gearheart yet?  Well, you can go listen, and look through the amazing pictures of characters at or you can download on your iPod to listen as well.  Do hope you enjoy as well!

I'm listening to this Podcast for my own enjoyment.


Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Wow! You are really flying through these podcasts! Go Mel!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I really Did Melissa (Books&Things) - I'm going to listen to another of his stories here soon, once I get caught up some. :) Thank you!