Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Book Review: My Sanctuary

My Sanctuary

By:  Sarah-Jane Lehoux

Publisher:  Vagabondage Press

Publish Date:  May 2012

Format:  eARC

Genre:  Fiction

Series:  Stand-alone YA eNovella

Recommendation:  Yes, such a powerful and emotional read in the life of the young woman Dot while at the orphanage.

Book Synopsis:
Rebecca Dolores Kingsly, better known as Dot, is a precocious young girl with a lot to say.  Despite the bleak Catholic orphanage where she resides, the indifference of the adults charged to care for her, and her painful past, Dot is determined to find the sense of safety and belonging that has eluded her since birth.  Even if this means taking Kenny, a fellow orphan, under her wing and pretending to be a better mother than the one who abandoned her.

Together with a stained glass angel, Dot and Kenny form a make-shift family which shelters them from the cruel realities of life at the orphanage.  But their bonds and Dot's faith are tested by the world outside their sanctuary, and Dot must make a decision that no mother, real or imagined, should ever have to make.

First Sentence:
Sanctuary.  It's a big word we learned 'bout in catechism.

My Thoughts and Summary:
We meet a lonely young girl, Rebecca Dolores Kingsley, whom everyone calls Dot.  She was left, by her mother, at the orphanage the day after she turned eight, in 1952.  We see a year in her eyes at the orphanage shortly after turning fourteen when Kenny first shows up, and learns things the hard way at this church orphanage.  Dot decides to take him under her wings and nurture him in this rough place and world.  Dot cares for Kenny like 'her baby' when others are not so nice.  But, in the end, who helps take care of who more?  Maybe they both care for each other.

Oh my!  All I can say is POWERFUL!

This book is not my normal genre of reading, but seeing Sarah-Jane Lehoux was the author, I had to read it. Sarah is powerful in her words and creations, and this book surpasses that thought.

Dot is a lonely girl in a church orphanage.  Things are not so kind there, and with developing into a young woman Dot is scared she will be kicked out and she has no idea what's out in the world for her, or what she would do.  This story is told by Dot, during a very trying, and pivot point in her life, and of Kenny's.    When they need it, which seems to become more and more some days, they use a little alcove Dot found that is behind trees and looked down upon by a stained glass angel, Dot's angel and her sanctuary.

The bond between Dot and Kenny is so strong.  He loves her and she thinks him her little boy.  This relationship is warming and heart aching at the same time.  But they need each other, and comfort each other more and more as time goes; with the other boys and girls in the orphanage.

I felt for these kids.  They are growing up in a time that is very strict in many thoughts and believes.  They have to deal with things and feelings no child should have to.  I worried for these kids.  Things got bad, then things would ease, and then it got worse.  Such a powerful tale to think on, and talk about.

My Sanctuary is available, released today! for $2.99.
You can find it:  Amazon Kindle

I received a copy of this for review from the author.
Please remember this review is of my personal thoughts and opinions.


  1. I am not sure..maybe the book just is not for me. That does happen. Luckily as if it didn't happen I would have too many books

    1. Blodeuedd - That is okay. :) There are lots of books out there that aren't for me too. :) Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Oh this sounds like a wrenching type of book. I can see you really feeling for those kids. I hope it was good in the end for those kids. You know I like my HEA. :)

    1. Melissa (Books&Things) - Um, yes you like your HEA's and you can see they could work out. ;) It really was a heart-full read.

  3. It sounds like an emotional story. I didn't know this author but I need to check her books. I don't know if this one is for me, but so nice to read something different from time to time.

    1. Melliane, it was an emotional read. I didn't cry or anything, just felt so deeply for the poor character. Sarah-Jane Lehoux has another book I read out, Thief. It's a fantasy type style and I really enjoyed it. I have the second book here to get to when I get a moment as well. :)

  4. Great review! Again, I'm glad you enjoyed it too. I think sometimes there are books people *can* read and books people *need* to read--this is a need book for me, because it's so powerful and so TIMELY.

    1. Thanks Skyla. So true. I don't think this book will ever go out of time, even set in the time frame it's in. The matter is always still around.

  5. After reading your review.... ah, do I need to put on an emotional armour to read this book?

    1. Cherry, um, yes just a little of the armour. lol. Thank you!


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