Monday, June 21, 2010

To Read or Not To Read...Sample Chapters

To read or not to read.... sample chapters that is.

There are always amazing book on the horizon and sometimes the publishers or even authors give us samples or teasers from them.  Just pieces or even a few chapters.

So, my question is... Do you read them?

I have mixed feelings on this.  Many times, YES I read them or listen to them.  I enjoy getting that quick fill of the wanted book.  Even the anticipation I get knowing a great book I want will be out soon.  And the teaser does pull me in to remind me why I love that author so much.  I love these!

But, every once in a while there is that one book.  That one book that I anticipate so badly that I don't want to read the samples given.  Sounds crazy right!?  Well, let me explain a little.  I am waiting on Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson.  I REALLY want this book, as many of others do.  I really want to read the sample that Tor posted on their site.  But, I just can't do it.  I am afraid it will make me want the book to bad, yes that is how excited I am of this book.  But I want it all to flow together for me as well.  See Brandon is one of the many amazing authors out there that draws you in with his creativeness, and well... I am one of those who likes to take notes or do stickies to help keep it all straight for me.  And that is what I want to experience at one time.

So, do you enjoy reading the teaser chapters?


  1. But, every once in a while there is that one book. That one book that I anticipate so badly that I don't want to read the samples given. Sounds crazy right!?

    Nope doesn't sound crazy at all. I can't read sample chapters of a book I am anticipating. It just drives me nuts not to be able to continue reading.

  2. The only time I ever did was with George RR Martin's A Dance with Dragons. I was dying after finishing AFFC.

    Otherwise, I tend not to unless it's something I'm waiting on as in the above example. :)

  3. If I know I'm going to get the book, I don't mind sample chapters. If I don't know for sure I won't read them at all. Why? Because I am afraid I'll have to put it on my must read list and I have only so much money. Especially if it's new and I can't get it from the library for a long time. :)

  4. I only read sample chapters if I want a get a sense of an author's writing style in order to decide if I want to buy their book or not. If its for a book that I know I want to read then I will just wait until I can read the whole book at once.

  5. Zia - Thanks, that is exactly how I feel about this book. I will go crazy waiting for the book after reading the sample chapters.

    Seak - I do normally read the teasers, but it depends on the writer and the books too. Some of them are so detailed and long in the samples that I am afraid to want more and want to keep it all together.

    Melissa - That is another good reason to not read the samples. I know the feeling about the lists. Mine are getting out of control again.

    Simcha - I will read part of the sample chapters in books I am thinking of getting from a new author or review. It does help give a feel of the writing. I do try to do that too. :)

    I have to say thank you all for answering! I really appreciate it. I don't feel like the only one anymore. :)

  6. I don't read sample chapters unless I request a sample through Amazon for my kindle. I don't care to read long pages of words on my laptop so I just wait for the book.

  7. I won't read the sample chapters. Why torture myself? but I know a lot of people base buying decisions on them.

  8. WonderBunny - I'm not a reader of on the laptop either. The computer sometimes gets to my neck. :)

    Carolyn - I completely agree. I don't like being tortured... well to much anyway. ;) I will read a short bit of a new author with them, but it doesn't always mean I will love the book or even hate it. I usually ponder on a book and end up getting it. :)

  9. I only read samples if I'm not familiar with the author and want to know if I like their writing style or not. I think it's similiar to reading the first paragraph of a book while browsing in a bookstore. Otherwise, I just wait until I buy the book and don't bother with the samples.

  10. I always tell myself that I'm not going to read them, then I do. Normally it hooks me for the first book and even when it doesn't I still end up reading the next book.

  11. Alexia - Oh yeah, I forgot about reading a paragraph from a book in the store. Yeah, that is a great example! I do that too. I even briefly look at the sample readings of next books so I will read a paragraph or two, but not usually the whole thing.

    Ryan - :) I don't know why but usually it doesn't bother me to read the teasers but for some reason this one, I just couldn't do. I sometimes give up as I'm reading them because I know I don't have the book and don't want to get to into them or excited about the book.


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