Saturday, June 26, 2010

Guilty Pleasure... buying books

Sometimes I feel guilty of my pleasures... the one where I can't stop myself from buying all the wonderful books coming out or already out.

My poor book shelf is going to explode at the edges soon. (if you saw my post for CSN Furniture you saw it, here)  :) And I love it.  But, I keep buying all these books.  My TBR pile is overflowing.  And I love it.

At times I feel guilty I'm not able to read all these books fast enough.  I wish I was a speed reader, but then I don't think I would savor and enjoy the books as much if I was.

I do have a few books sent to me for reviews by authors, publishers, or PR representatives.  I DO make it a point to get to these first; before their release dates or review for the time of release.  I also have books for discussions I am involved in at different sites.  Which I work really hard to keep up with those in the months they are in.

But I still feel guilty at times that I don't get to the books I purchase fast enough.  I love sharing my thoughts on the books and they all sound SO AMAZING.  I start getting like an anxiety attack, because I WANT to read these amazing books.  That is my guilty pleasure.  I love to buy these amazing books and I want to read them in the worst way.  *sigh* They will all get read in due time.  That will happen, for sure.

So, since you now know my guilty pleasure... Do you feel the same way?

And curious, but how big is your TBR pile?  You don't have to tell if you don't want to.  It would make me feel better though. ;)  Mine is about 46 books at the moment.


pattepoilue said...

I feel the same way exactly. I keep on buying books and I can't keep up. I read very slowly and I buy way too many books. ;) But i WANT to read them all! *sigh*
A year ago my TBR pile was around it's around 80 O_o
LOL I had to buy shelves especially for those. Oh my...and i forgot the Ebooks...LOL ok around 25ebooks too *hides in shame*

;) See you're not alone!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Pattepoilue - THANK YOU!! :) I can't believe how fast the TBR piles grow. It is unbelievable. And the more blogs I visit, the worse it gets. ;D Oh, and I didn't count the books I have to read on my laptop here. Oops. Oh well, there isn't many but they are here too. Thank you for stopping by and sharing you TBR pile. It does feel better knowing I'm in great company. :)

Blueicegal ♥ said...

lol agreed to much buying and not enough reading! stooping over via hop :P

....Petty Witter said...

Guilty as charged but then I don't drink or smoke so need some pleasure to feel guilty about.

The size of my TBR pile? Put it this way if it falls over, mountain rescue services will need to be called.

robsad79 said...

I buy so many books I haven't read many of them but I keep buying them. I'm having to find new ways everyday how to store books. Until I can afford to move out of my parents I've been keeping them in my room. You would be amazed how you can organize a billion books in one room, haha. It's a good thing I'm not into clothing and shoes, haha.

Ryan G said...

I just went to the store to buy one book and came out with 3 so I totally understand where you are coming from. You are definelty not alone in this.

As far as my TBR pile goes, it's too damn big and shows no signs of getting smaller. Any I don't get to now will be there when I retire, right?

Zia said...

Ya I am the same way. I keep getting books and I'm reading slower these days. I don't have an exact figure but in the last few years, my TBR pile has been steadily growing and it's up to, let's just say, over a hundred heh.

pattepoilue said...

@Melissa ;) Hehe I can't believe how fast it grows either ;)Blogs are spawn of the devil when it comes to temptation! lol
But compared to some bloggers it's still very reasonable...i've seen bloggers with + 500 books in their TBR PileS (coz it can't be a single pile lol)
I try not to look it directly in the eye and it doesn't attack me while i sleep =P
Have a great weekend =)

Melissa said...

I have NO idea what you are talking about (and if you believe that, I do have a bridge to sell you...). ;) I don't know how big by tbr is (and I think that I keep myself in the dark on purpose) but I know I need to start speed reading to get to some of these new books I have been wanting to read. I guess as far as addictions go, this one is pretty good! :)

Alexia561 said...

I'm the same way! My DH keeps pointing out that I'll never catch up, but I can't seem to stop buying more. I'm afraid to count my TBR books, but have the piles spread throughout the house so it doesn't look so imposing. Hey, books are cheaper than jewelry and shoes! *L*

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Blueicegal - Hi! Glad you stopped by. :) I know I love buying books and goggling over them. :)

Petty Witter - I have to say I quite smoking a little over 3 years ago and don't drink anymore either. So this is my addiction. LOL Mountain rescue will be needed. :D That is great! I love hearing about that pile. :) Thanks!

Robsad - Well, you could make an endstand by your bed out of books. :) I keep trying to neatly hide my books, but I am starting to run out of options. :) And my husband just keeps looking at them then at me and back at them. I do have a thing for shoes too. :)

Ryan - I do that at the stores all the time! And I read one book and buy three to replace its spot. :) Retired, that is a great time to look forward to reading. :) Thanks for helping to make me feel better.

Zia - Wow! You do have a good many books in your tbr pile. :D I love it! I am reading slower these days too with work and all going on.

Pattepoilue - Wow some with 500+ books! Oh my! I don't think I would be able to handle that. I would have a nervious breakdown having those all sitting here. I have to agree, not to look it directly in the eye and you will be safe. :D Thanks! Have a great weekend.

Melissa - I am glad to hear you don't know what it is like though, ;D This is a great problem to have. :) I always have something around to read, that I want to read. What an addiction it is. I enjoy it and keep many in work too.

Just want to thank you all again for commenting on this post. :)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Alexia - Books are cheaper than jeweler and shoes which makes it a bigger and easier addiction. :) I am starting to get carried away when I go to the book stores. I need to quit visiting or I will spend my whole paycheck any more. Almost like a gambling addiction, I have a booking addiction. :) You also got so many wonderful books at the BEA when you went. You have to have some lovely tbr piles. :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

Tiffany Harkleroad said...

I just added 4 more today, so mine is probably about 60+

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Tiffany - Glad to hear you are adding quickly too. :) I feel as I am going through withdrawal with out going to the book store... its been about a week since last visit. And. I. Need. To. Go. :D Thanks for stopping by!