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Review: Blood Soup

Blood Soup

By:  Kelly A. Harmon

Publisher:  An Eternal Press Publication

Publish Date:  September 2009

Genre:  Fantasy

Format:  Paperback, 79 pgs 5 1/2"x8"

Series:  Stand alone

Recommendation:  When you need a quick fantasy fix, Blood Soup is there for you.

Book Synopsis:
A tale of murder, betrayal and comeuppance.

King Theodicar of Borgund needed an heir.  When his wife, Queen Piacenza, became pregnant, he'd hoped for a boy.  His wife, along with her nurse, Salvagia, had other plans.  WIth each cast of the runes, Salvagia's trusted divination tools yielded the same message:  "A girl child must rule or the kingdom will fall to ruin."  As such, the women were convinced that the child would be a girl.

When the queen finally gives birth, the nurse and the king are equally surprised.  The king is faced with a terrible choice, and his decision will determine the fate of his kingdom.  Will he choose wisely, or will he doom Borgund to ruin?

First Sentence:
Queen Piacenza dies by slow degrees, thought Salvagia.

My Review and Summary:
Salvagia give the feel of magic to the story with her fortune telling bones mixed with blood.  When overly pregnant Queen Piacenza asks, again, to cast the bones to answer her question - What will this child need to rule wisely and justly?  The bones cast the same answer, over and over again.  Piacenza is convinced by the answer she will have a girl child, but King Theodicar wants a boy.  A boy is always the one to rule the kingdom, not girls.  A boy is born - Amalric, but at a cost...

Blood Soup was a quick read for me with only 79 pages.  The story touches on different point of views in Amalric's and Theodicar's lifes, as Amalric grows up and takes the thrown.  In these short snippets you see what kind of person Amalric is and did with the crown.  And you see how Theodicar rethinks his decisions.  Is there any way for King Theodicar to correct his wrong that set his kingdom down the path its on?

I enjoyed this quick read.  There was a dark feel to the magic of Blood Soup to me... the blood. I had a moment of getting use to the transition of Amalric suddenly being older, as I didn't know what to expect while reading when I started the book.  This is a great start for Kelly.  I am looking forward to reading novels by her in the future.

I purchased this book for reading.

This book qualifies for the Speculative Fiction Challenge I am participating in @ Book Chick City.


  1. Hopping by to follow and return the visit! Blood Soup looks interesting--and I've been trying to find some stand-alone fantasy books. Series are such a big time investment!


  2. What a gruesome title :) Glad you loved it though

  3. Comeuppance - now thats what I like to see in a book.
    I agree with bookmagic though,Blood Soup is a rather gruesome title.

  4. Tiger Holland - Hello! Thank you for stopping by and following. :) I hope you enjoy what you find here. I do agree with the series though. They do take a lot of time investment. I seem to be stuck on trilogies lately though. :) Hope to see you around often.

    Deb - Yeah, I was afraid the title would scare off a few from reading though. :) Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are doing well.

    Petty Witter - He does get in the end. The title seems to fit the book very well though. :)

  5. Hi Melissa

    Thanks for reviewing Blood Soup. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

    Bookmagic, Petty: hindsight is sooo 20/20. I realize now that "Blood Soup" *is* pretty gruesome, but I didn't intend for it to be. The title comes from the loose English translation of "Czarnina" - a Polish soup which the Prince in the book eats with regularity.

    The book cover doesn't help either...but I had almost no input on that.

    Tiger: if you're interested, the first two chapters of Blood Soup are available here:

  6. Hi Kelly! Thank you for stopping by! :) I did enjoy reading the book. Thank you for the link.

    Tiger, I hope you enjoy reading the chapters. :)

  7. Sounds interesting. I find the title interesting actually. I would take a look at it because of the title. I also like the cover. But, hey... I'm weird anyway. :D

    Thanks for the review. Sounds like a great read.

  8. Melissa - :) I have to say I am with you on the cover and title. I think that is part what drew me in. So, if your weird well so am I. :D But I think you're normal. Thanks!


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