Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Favorite Fictional Character (24)

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I have read many great books lately with great and strong characters.  Some books even have more than one FFC for me, but I will stick to one in the post and post another FFC later with the other character.

This week I am picking a character by the name of Terelle.  Terelle is one of the point of views you read from in the book Stormlord by Glenda Larke.  I'm not sure if this is her on the cover of book 2, Stormlord Rising - it could be her or one other character, at this point in the read.  Terelle lives in a world where water is limited and valued to the last drop.  People who have rights get a jar of water as scheduled, but those who own nothing and no rights have to work for money or privileges from others for water.  She is sold by her father to a snuggery.  A snuggery is a place of higher stature than the street women, but a place for men to go at the pleasure of a womens presence.  

Terelle, even as a child when the story starts, has a strong will.  She is determined to not live her life as a women of a Snuggery.  She needs to find a way to get out of the house before she blossoms, which could be any time.  Terelle has a desire to be a dancer and loves making up routines to music.  This area is one she ventures out to seek advice in.  She is goes out in search of the famous dancer who lives a few levels up from her.  Terelle manages to talk her way in to seeing the dancer who takes no visitors, according to the man servant at the door.  The dancer even starts to care for Terelle as she tells her story.  But, unfortunately the professional dancer doesn't feel Terelle will be able to make a living as a dancer, and as well she may have to do things she is not wanting to do to further her career.

Terelle blossoms into a young woman before she finds a way to leave the care of the Snuggery, since the price is high to pay off her debt of living there and helping in the kitchen - the price of water used.  So, Terelle runs away to the lower level to try to hide out.  Terelle finds a old man, or maybe he finds her... to take her on as an apprentice for his water paintings.  

In the end, Terelle realizes she has a strong power with water that she can use.  She finds a way to free herself from the hold her master has on her.  But in all she learns more of her family, more she never would have thought of, and that there is more for her to do in life which is very important.

This is only the first book of the series and I loved all the characters.  I feel Terelle is going to be a very vital piece of the puzzle in the water problems - even more than what she needs to do in regard to her family.  I think Shale and Terelle can accomplish a lot, together.

(If you would like to read my review of Stormlord by Glenda Larke, click here.)  Book 2, Stormlord Rising is due out August 1, 2010.


Ryan said...

She sounds like a strong, independent woman who may just have to get me to try this series out. Thanks for the post.

Simcha said...

I really want to read this author's books already. They sounds really great. They have been in my TBR pile for ages though I haven't yet had the time to get to them.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I love women like that in books. Love that cover too! :)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Ryan - I think you would enjoy this trilogy. Only the first one is out at the moment. The cover I have here is the second one and it will be out Aug 1. The characters in this trilogy are well done.

Simcha - I hope you enjoy this trilogy when you get to it. I really liked the story and look forward to book two.

Melissa - This cover is of book 2, which I am really looking forward to. I loved all the characters in the first book, Stormlord.