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Book Review: Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt

By:  Margaret Ronald

Publisher:  Eos Books

Publish Date:  January 2010

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Format:  Paperback, 309 pgs

Series:  2nd book of The Evie Scelan Novels.  If you would like to read my review of Spiral Hunt, 1st book, click here.

Recommendation:  Yes, if you enjoy Celtic myth with some magic thrown in along with a few different angles in the beginning coming together in the end.

Book Synopsis:
Genevieve Scelan thought she was done with magic.
She was wrong.

Sure, six weeks earlier Evie - bike messenger, supernatural tracker, and avid Red Sox fan - had been instrumental in bringing down the Fiana, the organization of magicians that had ruled Boston's undercurrent for hundreds of years.  But now they were gong, Boston could breathe easy again, the Sox had a chance at the pennant, and Evie was ready to relax.

Except it turns out that when you take down the guy on top, everyone assumes you're going to gill his spot, and now Evie finds herself at the center of a whole lot of unwelcome magical attention.  On top of that, a new client needs her to call up a family ghost and ask about a stolen inheritance; Evie's friend Nate has a supernatural problem of his own; and a legendary pack of hounds has been terrorizing Boston's undercurrent.  And try as Evie might to deny the legacy that runs through her blood, when the Hunt is called, the Hound must run...

First Sentence:
Yuen died twenty minutes after I arrived, and I was there to make sure of it.

My Review and Summary:
There may be SPOILERS to Spiral Hunt, the first book.

This book starts six weeks after Spiral Hunt ended.  This book starts off with a few different things going on. 

First, Evie is summoned to Yuen's side was he passes on.  But her job here is to verify, by scent, the ghost of his father is gone when Yuen passes too. 

Then you start to see Evie seems to have a new found respect from... or at least response from the undercurrent now after taking out the top man of the organization named Fiana, of Magicians and ran the undercurrent (at the end of Spiral Hunt).  Those of the undercurrent seem to be sizing her up, for one reason or another... Also, her world of normalcy seems to be colliding with the undercurrent work she does, which bothers Evie as she doesn't want to put her friends in harm. 

Finally, Evie is visited by a potential client, an older woman who recently inherited chests of her Great-Great Grandmothers and believes they hold stolen items she would like to return to the rightful family.

The main thing I would like to say I enjoy about these books so far is the way Margaret Ronald starts off with a few different happenings and how they come together in the end.  All the ties get connected and the lose ends tied up.  And the mythology used in doing so.

Scent is Evie's ability to find anything, the descriptions used for scent are great.  With Evie being part Hound and the way scent identifies everything to here I could really tell what she was smelling by the descriptions in words.

To me Evie seems to have grown more in this book.  Not only does Evie seem to be accepting the Hound in her which is becoming stronger and helping those who need helping, but she seems to be starting to figure out what she is to do to help.  Boston is changing or at least the undercurrent of Boston is.  She still doesn't want to be involved in the undercurrent world, and the struggle to keep her normal life and the magic life separate is a big one for her.  But she seemed to accept that the undercurrent is there and she is not going to be able to stay out of in completely.  Although, Evie is a strong enough character in the end of this book that she decides the friend that don't want to know of this world or be around it, that she will protect them anyway she can - verbally not talk of it or physically fight to protect them.

In the end, I loved what happened with Evie and Nate.  On all angles. 

**For those who have read the book**
Otherwise enter at your on risk...

And if there is anyone who read this book, I would like to ask you one question from the end of the book.  What was the deal with the water spirit?  Why can she not see her reflection in the window?  I had a thought but I'm not sure of it after she couldn't see her reflection in the window.

I won this book from Eos Books.

This book qualifies for the Speculative Fiction Challenge I am involved in @ Book Chick City.


  1. I'm actually reading this one now so I'm not going to read your review just yet. I will after I'm done though. Have a great week.

  2. I'm so glad when it sounds like a series is getting better and better.

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  3. Hi Lisa R/alterlisa - :) thank you for stopping by to comment. I really liked where this book went with Evy and her boyfriend, and even the little one here too. :) Hope you get to try out the series.


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