Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My First Challenge! Speculative Fiction

I have decided to try my first Challenge!

This Challenge is hosted by Book_Chick_City
The Challenge runs January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010.

There are 4 levels:
Inquisitive - read 3 Speculative Fiction novels.
Enthusiastic - read 6 Speculative Fiction novels.
Addicted - read 12 Speculative Fiction novels.
Obsessed - Read 24 Speculative Fiction novels.

I think I am going to fall in the category of Addicted. (maybe by the end of the year I will hit Obsessed too... we shall see.)

If you would like to sign up click the link above and sign up over at Book Chick City.

If you are curious as to what falls in this category here is a list from Book Chick City:
-Science Fiction
sub-genres: hard/soft SF, cyberpunk, time travel, alternative history, space opera
-Fantasy Fiction
sub-genres: dark fantasy, urban fantasy, magic realism, quest, mythical fantasy, steampunk
-Horror Fiction
sub-genres: paranormal, gothis literature, splatterpunk
-Supernatural Fiction
-Superhero Fiction
-Utopian and Dystopian Fiction
-Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction
I used the site: to verify if my reads fall in the Speculative Fiction category... And well... I think I am going to fall in the Obsessed class as everything in my tbr pile seems to fall here. I should be set for the year with reads.
My picks thus far for next year:
1. Before They Are Hung - By Joe Abercrombie
2. Last Arguement of Kings - By Joe Abercrombie
3. Nyphron Rising - By Michael Sullivan
4. Darker Angels - By M.L.N. Hanover
5. Demond Bound - By Caitlin Kittredge
6. Fire - By Kristin Cashore
7. Graceling - By Kristin Cashore
8. Hunger Games book #3 - By Suzanne Collins
(this list is not etched in stone but is most likely, along with starting the 10 book series by Steven Ericson.)
I am really getting excited now!!!


  1. Congratulations on signing up for your first challenge! This one looks tempting, but I'm trying to cut back for next year. But I already read this genre, so maybe....hmmm, will have to sleep on it, but I think you've talked me into it! *L*

  2. Alexia, it would be great if you join too. A lot of the books we already read are in here, so it is a given! Right? I was surprised when I saw it is what I read normally, so I was really excited to sign up. Hope you do too!

  3. I'm thinking about doing this one too. I'm already doing Bella's Fantasy challenge, but oh well... I'm joining A LOT of challenges this year. I'll probably regret it, but I just can't help myself! There are so many great ones =o)

  4. Sounds like the perfect challenge for me. At least I would finally get one done :)
    I had signed on to do a YA dysopia challenge but I couldn't get my hands on any of the books so I feel like I need to redeem myself.

    If you want a really interesing and different epic fantasy you should try The Warded Man by Peter Brett, I think you might like that. Also Lois McMaster Bujold is a top author in both the scifi and fantasy genres and if you haven't read her I suggest you give her a try. If you like romance then you should read The Sharing Knife. Her other fantasies are interesting for their unusual choice of heroes and heroines (In one the heroine is the middle ages mother of the queen). And don't forget C.L Wilson's Tairen Soul books. Those are a MUST! OK, I'll stop now. I just can't resist the opportunity to recommend a book

  5. Michelle - This challenge is easy for me because I am already an addict with the category. You'll have to let me know if you do this one.

  6. Simcha - I think you could do this challenge just as easily as I. I was afraid to take a challenge and not read more than one book on it. So I was looking for one that had Fantasy like I read for the basis. This is the one! Let me know if you do this one, that would be cool!

    Thanks for the great suggestions! I am ALWAYS looking for great new ideas of books. I will have to look into these and maybe get to some of them this year. Thank you!!!

  7. Challenges are fun, I signed up for quite a few next year.
    I am planning on reading Graceling also, if I like it then I'll read the second book. That will be for J.Kaye's YA challenge. I will get it from the library and it will count toward my library challenge!!

  8. Hi Deb, These challenges all sound like fun. I am afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with them all if I pick to many. I'm looking forward to Graceling, I hope you enjoy it - look forward to reading your review.


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