Sunday, December 20, 2009

Award: Honest Scrap

I am a little slow at getting my awards out here. This award has been graciously passed on to me by two great blogs; One_Persons_Journey_Through_Books and Parajunkee.

Here are the details: The Honest Scrap works like this. I will list 10 true things about myself and then tag 7 more blogs to go through the process.

I am sorry I have delayed in passing this award on. As you can tell I like to procrastinate. So my first true thing of myself starts here:

1. I do have a bad habit of procrastinating. It's not that I don't want to do something I just, at times, can't get the motivation to get to doing it. There always seems to be something else closer to the top of the list (which has been left to go for a later date as well.)

2. I was never a big book reader growing up. I have just started really seriously reading about two years ago now.

3. I keep a writing journal by my bed and one in my purse. You never know when a thought is going to strick you so I like to know there is a journal near by. When I get ideas for a new or a started story I ponder it for a while and write it down, trying to think how to work it in to the stories. (No, I have not yet finished a story. I am hoping to be better settled in a years time to be able to put more time and effort into my thoughts. Do I plan on getting published? NO. I like to create the stories for fun. Even if no one else will ever read them.)

4. I am not very patient. When I want something - I want it now. Many times I will try to save the money and as soon as I have the amount away I go to get it.

5. I try to plan things ahead of time. I am one of those that has to have a schedule I follow just about everyday. I don't have to have exact times but the idea of what I do is there. Little things can change, but I get irritated whe it is a drastic change or I am totally and completely disturbed from normal things. I have to work on this one, it is my biggest problem.

6. I am soooooo not a morning person. I need to have at least 7 hours of sleep or don't come near me or look at me. lol. I take a few hours to wake up. I may be up and moving but I am not awake yet.

7. Some friends have told me they thought I was mean or something when they first met me because I wouldn't talk much. But once I got to know them, I have not been able to shut up. lol. I love to talk, and about just about anything too. That is part of the reason I love to comment so much.

8. I read extremely slow. I may even reread sections several times to make sure I understand everything. My mind seems to pick a story apart and piece it back together and speculate on it afterward as to where the story is going. I wish I could read faster, but enjoy thinking and pondering on what ill happen and why in any book. So at each time I put the book down I constantly think on it.

9. I am a sticky note person! My books have little color coordinated post-its along with the lined ones sticking out the side. I tag spots I think I may want to come back to in order to reread or to back up what happens. I also tag spots where I have questions, I always like to know my questions are answered in a story or if not in this book maybe in the next one of the series.

10. Lately... and I am ashamed to admit this one. I have had a problem with the swearing. Those aweful little words have been easily flowing out of my mouth lately. I have got to reel it in a little bit. I think I have made myself over stressed with trying to get everything done and appease everyone for the holidays. But, that will be part of my New Year resolutions.

Okay, Now I need to pass this on to other nominees... (I know there is not seven here, but I didn't want to pass on to everyone and leave no one left to pass to. lol) If you have already received this award congrats and sorry for doubling you up.
They are:


  1. Goodness, we have a lot in common. Lol.

    1. Procrastination is my middle name.
    2. I only started reading a lot a little over a year ago.
    3. I have many writing journals as well, including one at work which often gets me in trouble.
    4. I am not known for my patience.
    5. I requested ALL evening shifts at work...any time before noon can go $*%# itself. Lol.
    6. I have a natural frown, so people tend to think I am unfriendly as well until they get to know me.
    7. I read slow too!
    8. Swearing...well, what can I say? My mother is french after all.

    Like two peas in a pod. : D

    Congrats on the award and thanks for the fun read!

  2. Congratulations on receiving the award! I love your answers! I'm a huge procrastinator too. And am the anti-morning person. Even have a shirt that says "I am NOT a morning person!"

    Not a big planner, but my answers are pretty close to yours otherwise. I love this meme, as it's so fun to learn more about my blogging buddies.

    Have a great week!

  3. Thanks Mel, you are very sweet for thinking of me! I will get this passes on sometime soon (I hope).

  4. By the way, I have one for you too

  5. Well done on your award and to all of those to whom you've passed it on. I love that word - procrastination. I'm really suprised to learn that you didn't read much as a child.

  6. Caitlin - Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have fun with the post. I enjoyed doing this.

    Jessica W. - Wow! We really do have a lot in common. That is really cool! LOL! I seem to have a natural frown as well. I go places and people look at me and say "smile". I must always look so serious and don't even know it. Really neat to have so much in common!

    Alexia - Glad you enjoyed the post. I was surprised that I had more fun doing it than I had thought. I was afraid it would be hard to come up with the 10 things, but they just came to me when I started.

  7. Ryan - I stopped by and commented on you award. I am going to have to get to putting that one up here. It may not be till after the holiday this week but I will get to it. I am starting to enjoy these posts.

    Petty Witter - Yeah, I hate to admit it that I didn't read hardly anything as a child. I read what I had to read for school, and even that was pulling teeth to do. LOL. But now that I have found there are books out there I like and what I like to read, I can't stop now. Oh well... Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Thanks for the award Melissa!
    I feel like I know you just from all the blog comments we have exchanged and I'd loved reading your 10 true things and learning more about you. Though I didn't know about the swearing-in which case I might have to start reconsidering our relationship ;)
    That's interesting that only recently you starting reading seriously. I'm curious what it is that got you suddenly interested in reading?

  9. Simcha - Well, if it helps any I usually do very well at containing the cursing when around people. I just seem to get carried away at times at home and the friends I really complain to. Getting started into reading.... hmmm, I guess it was when I got laid off from my Office Manager position in which I worked at least 10 hours a day and took tons of work home. I got bored with out doing anything at home so I picked up one of the books my son had - Eragon and loved it. So I just started picking up all fantasy books I could find, with the suggestion from my brother. Its been down hill from there, and that is when I started writing my own ideas for books as well. I like to keep my mind doing something and books helped with that. Thanks for asking! Thanks for stopping by as well. I look forward to reading you award blog too.

  10. Thank you for the award! Great ten things! I'll post my own when I come back from hiatus on Jan 1st. ^_^

  11. Terra, your welcome! Thanks for stopping by :) Enjoy your hiatus! Look forward to reading your posts again in the new year.


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