Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Tuesday...Where are you? (6)

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The Grossbart brothers and I have been staying in the estate of Captain Alexius Barousse. We have brought him back his Siren and have been staying here unknown to us as captures. We have enjoyed our relaxing stay in the large house with the garden and lots of food and drink. Now things are starting to move. The priest that traveled here with us returned with bad news of how he has not been able to leave the town and they are coming to arrest us with him. Now, they are here. Captain Barousse has stalled the men they have brought, by convincing Cardinal Bunuel he will turn us over to him in the house and the Captains men will escort us out. But Rodrigo, the Captains right man, has just informed us we are to take the Cardinal prisoner. I thought we were to be taking a boat away this morning to Gyptland, where the Grossbart brothers are heading.
The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart
By: Jesse Bullingon


  1. Great post! I didnt get mine up today I had too much going on and a fantastic book club tonight.

  2. I have been hanging out in the English countryside with Mr Darcy

  3. Wow, sounds interesting. I've never heard of this book. Will you be posting a review? I keep forgetting it's Tuesday (I have a bad sense of time) and I never get my "It's Tuesday Where Are You? posts up." But it must mean that today is Wednesday, so I'm off to do my favorite character one.

  4. Sounds both mysterious and quite dark. Thanks for this post, Melissa - she says, writing this whilst hiding in a Boggle hole.

  5. Sheila - Glad to hear you book club went well! So, I guess you got through the book.

    Deb - English countryside could be beautiful. Mr. Darcy...

    Simcha - I will be posting a review on this book. I am hoping I can get it done by the end of the week here. I have to do my FavFiC my self yet. That will be for later - tonight.

    Petty Witter - It is a dark book. Glad to see ya stopped by!

  6. La Coccinelle - Just a little interesting... I will see what happens. This is where I had to stop to get to other things.

  7. Sounds a bit compelling. Thanks for sharing.

    I actually have an award for you! Right here

    XO - Parajunkee

  8. Thanks Parajunkee! I will right over shortly to get it. Thanks for stopping by!


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