Monday, September 7, 2009

Spread the Love Award

I have to thank Froggy over at Froggaritaville's_Bookcase for Spreading the Love.

We all have been sharing the love a lot with these awards lately, so I am going to spread some more...

I love this award and I just have to say thank you to all my friends here in the Blogosphere. You are all wonderful people and help make the days that much brighter. I love how everyone takes the time to read and comment on the blogs.

I am going to award this award to a few people.

They are:

Michelle at The_Book_Addict

Ryan at Wordsmithonia

I am going to name a few new followees also:

Lady Bug at The_Lady_Bug_Reads


  1. Thanks so much! You just made my day!

  2. Congrats on the award. It's beautiful!

  3. La Coccinelle you are very welcome!

    Natalie you are vey welcome as well and I am glad I just made your day.

    Thanks Deb. I love the flowers. At least these ones wont die on me & I can always look at them.

  4. Congrats and thank you so much for this. I really appreciate it!


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