Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday's Beginnings (4)

This is the beginning of a new week!

So, I am wondering: Where you are in your books or are you starting a new book for the new week? The beginning of the week always seems to be a great time to start anew. To me it seems to be the way Monday goes is a sign of how the week will follow. Have you been able to get much reading time in today? Or are you going to be rushed all week to get everything into the short 24 hour day?

I am still adding numerous books to my reading list. This week it has grown by only seven books. Well, six for me and one for my son, which I may pick up and read as well. This really is a wonderful thing! You are all helping to keep me out of trouble and these wonderful authors in work. I am kind of trying to make notes of books to read but the must, must reads are on the top of the list (that is what list these books are on). The funny thing is I have finished no books this week. This sounds a little loop sided... Gained 7 books to read and finished 0. Oh well, some day I will catch up... (maybe?)

Well, for me today: I am still in the process of reading The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie. I am currently on page 160 out of 527 pages. Yep, I told you, I really am a slow reader. Then add these lovely blogs I visit and the ones I write, twitter, Barnes & Nobles site, work, and family. Well, needless to say its a wonder I get to read at all. LOL! That is okay, its my escape time. But, I really don't have an excuse as to why I have not got any reading done today. Yesterday I did okay, but today not so well. I went shopping for the accessories for the bathroom. Yes, we are still not completely done with this stinking bathroom. That is what we get for working opposite shifts, kids and sleep. Why does anyone sleep???

I will be playing the catch up game this week. The book will be chasing the clock this week, or as it seems with the way today has played out.

So, how does the week look for you? Let me know...


  1. All I can say is keep plugging away and one day you will catch up. Or at least theat is what I keep telling myself.

  2. Thanks Ryan.

    I keep saying the same thing. One of these years there is going to be nothing I want to read, so I will be all stacked up for that year. LOL. Keep dreaming, right? I will be able to get all caught up someday...

  3. Oh, you know I'm enjoying The Blade Itself as well! I have also picked up The Outsiders... It's a very old book from back in highschool and I think it's better than I remember..LOL!

    I have also replied over on BandN! I didn't get to finish last night so I did today.

    Talk to you later! All the Best!

  4. Hope you enjoy your book. I don't go by week to week in my reading... just pick up and read. I haven't worried about it.


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