Wednesday, September 2, 2009

From Me to You!

From Me to You...

I have received this award from Nikola @ Nikola's_Book_Blog and Froggarita @ Froggaritavilles_Bookcase.

These two kind people are sharing the kindness I have seen all over the blogosphere so far. I want to say Thank You to both of these new friends.

I would also like to pass this cute little bear on to a few more friends.

Ryan at Wordsmithonia

Deb at Bookmagic
Congratulations to all and Thank you for visiting and being so kind!
Please take the time to visit these wonderful blogs!


  1. Thank you, that bear is adorable!! Congrats on your awards, you deserve them

  2. Thank you Deb. I think everyone deserves all these awards. Everyone has been very kind and really makes the effort to visit everyones sites and talk.


  3. Ohhh, thank you the bear is so darn adorable. That was really sweet of you and congrate on your awards. You are more than deseving of them and many more.

    Congrats to your other nominees as well!


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