Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday's Beginnings (3)

This is the beginning of a new week!

So, I am wondering: Where you are in your books or are you starting a new book for the new week? The beginning of the week always seems to be a great time to start anew. To me it seems to be the way Monday goes is a sign of how the week will follow. Have you been able to get much reading time in today? Or are you going to be rushed all week to get everything into the short 24 hour day?

I am still adding numerous books to my reading list. I think this week it has only grown by two or three books. This really is a wonderful thing! You are all helping to keep me out of trouble and these wonderful authors in work. I am kind of trying to make notes of books to read but the must, must reads are on the top of the list (that is what the 2 or 3 books are on).

Well, for me today:

Well, last night I finally got done with The Name of the Wind. It is not that the book was bad, on the contrary it was really good. I am just a slow read whom rereads lines paragraphs and even pages at times to make sure I understand everything. I am starting to think it is a disorder of mine. LOL! And I was discussing it with a group of friends at the bookclub. Oh well, on to the next book. The next book being The Blade Itself by Joe Abrocrombie. I am currently 14 pages into the book and can't wait to get rolling with it.

This week seems to have started off well on the reading angle. I think it may be another great week to read...


  1. I'm glad you finished The Name of the Wind!
    I love statrting a new book for a new week

  2. Thanks. Yeah starting a new book at the beginning of the week makes me feel good about the week to come.

  3. I am currently reading Legacy and so far it's really good. I should have a review about it up tomorrow if everything goes as planed LOL! Then I'll be right there with you on the Blade Itself! Woot! Woot!

  4. Krista, I look forward to reading your review on Legacy. I am curious to the book.

  5. Starting a new book is always fun!


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