Monday, September 14, 2009

Aftershock, Contest Winnings

I just have to share this little bit of information, since I am extremely excited.


Thank you Froggy!

Okay, now that that is out of the way I will move on and tell you about this fabulous looking book and how I won it.

Froggy at Froggaritaville's_Bookcase had a contest starting on Friday and ending on Sunday for just her current followers, Book Candy Quickie. She drew a winner today and I was the lucky number.

I have not read this book yet but will be watching the mailbox for this one to come.


This book has 3 different stories in it.

(I have copied over the stories and summaries from Froggy for you to check them out...)

Penance by New York Times bestselling author Sharon Sala
After being shot, Nicole Masters's "penance" for cheating death dictates that she must help others--even if it means putting herself in danger. Now she and Detective Dominic Tucci-- a neighbor determined to make Nicole accept her new gift-- team up to rescue an innocent child before time runs out....

After the Lightning by Janis Reams Hudson
Hailey Cameron fears she's fried more than a few brain cells after she's struck by lightning and begins hearing voices. Experience has made former police detective Aaron Trent more accepting of this newfound ability than Hailey is. Especially since her gift might help him stop an underground child-smuggling ring. But has fate brought them together for another reason as well?

Seeing Red by Debra Cowan
A near-death experience has firefighter Cass Holister witnessing fires before they happen. But it's proving harder to deal with Ben Wyrick--a man she once walked away from who is now investigating the blazes--than it is to handle her new talent!

I am so excited to get this book. These stories sound great and they are perfect for when I get to my stopping points in my current book for discussions. I can pick this book up and read a story one by one when I need to fill the void of a day or two while talking over another book. Very Cool!!!


  1. Congratulations! Winning is awesome, especially if it's winning a book! Enjoy!

  2. Congrats! It's like the coolest thing ever, eh? And that cover is amazing!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Pixie13. I love winning. I am usually not the lucky one, so when I do win something(especially a book) I get very excited. Books are always the best thing to win, along with a nice long vacation to the Bahama's...*birds tweeting* oh well, I will just keep waiting on the vacation.

    Thanks Krista, It is very cool! I thought the cover was just amazing too.

    I will have to let you all know about the book when I am done with it.

  4. Congratulations on winning such a cool book! I love anthologies, as you can pick them whenever you need a quick reading fix as well as discover new authors. Looking forward to your review! :)

  5. Thanks Alexia. I am looking forward to this book as well. They are great ways to get a quick withdrawal reading time fix. lol.


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