Thursday, September 10, 2009

Balderdash (4)

Word Verification Balderdash is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at One Person's Journey Through a World of Books.
This is very easy to do.

If you comment on blogs you can do this too.
Write down all the word verifications you get while posting comments on other peoples blogs.
You then play Balderdash with them.

In case you don't know how to play, you take the made up word and come up with an authentic sounding definition for it. Do this for a week and then post your best or favorite ones every Thursday.

Here are mine for this week:
cheraph - the name of the water fountain that has the 2 or 3 little cherubs "flying" around and spitting water out their mouths.
millyste - this is the term used in place of "milling around" or taking your time to slowly get to something not wanting to do.
astoric - the ash color you get to your face when you are about to get sick.
squendo - the thoughts of when you are carrying a conversation with someone and hear a word that you write down to remember thinking it would be a great word to use in a game of Scrabble that will get you the extra letter score and a large amount of points.
pertell - the kind, classy way to ask someone to please tell what you know and I can't wait to hear.
Let's hear your words!


  1. My sole purpose in life is the act of squendo, lol. Well done :-)

    Check mine out HERE

  2. Great words, I tend to get the look of astoric a lot.

  3. I enjoyed Squendo.... even more so that it has a Q in it. Thats 10 points right? LOL I am always the word gamer. :)

  4. Thanks everyone, for stopping by. I just had to use squendo, I really liked the word and also because it had a q in it. lol.

  5. Pertell, how did you come up with such cool words?

  6. Love the words, Mel! You are also very good at this!squendo is too funny!

  7. Pertell- I'm going to try to use that one!!

  8. I have an award for you here!

  9. Come on over and pick up an award kiddo!

  10. Thank you everyone for stopping by. I am soo glad you all enjoy the words. I wish I could tell you how I get to be so lucky with the words I get but I truthfully am not sure how I get them. The meanings on some days take a little bit to come to me but eventually I get a meaning. The amount of words I have to pick from really does help.

    I am going to check out all the blogs I have missed here these last few days and then I will try to get to posting. Thanks for the awards Ryan & Deb I will be by this evening to pick them up!


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