Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Favorite Fictional Character (3)

Favorite Fictional Character
Thanks to the creative mind of Ryan at Wordsmithonia who started this on Wednesdays.

I have choosen this film from 1968 which started Dick Van Dyke. I have always loved this movie. But for years I never got to see the whole thing straight through. My parents are divorsed, I lived with my mom and visited my dad on weekends. Disney use to run a disney movie every sunday starting at 7:00pm (I think, I could be an hour off though - its been a long time now). But what would happen is we would start watching this and then my father would have to take me home to my mothers. By the time we got home, got our showers and calmed down the movie was long over.

We did in time get to watch the whole movie, and I just loved it! Other than the personal connection with the movie and time with my dad this movie was always very fun for me.

Now, I am going to tell you my favorite character of this book and don't get mad at me... It is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, yes the car.

Okay, if you aren't going to let me slide with this car I will have to pick - Caractacus Potts, played by Dick Van Dyke. Caractacus is an inventor of just about anything and everything and lives with his two children and his father. This car gets rescued from the junkyard and Caractacus feels he can get the car running and make it an amazing thing. And after lots of hard work and taking many items out of the house to use he has this wonderous vehicle.

Caractacus decides to take his children on a picnic at the shore and on their way accidently runs Truly Scrumptious, played by Sally Ann Howes, into a pond. Truly Scrumptious's father owns a candy factory (wonder where the name came from?). Well, they quickly make friends and all go to the shore for a lovely picnic. On the way to the picnic the kids decide to name the car. The name they pick is, as you have probably guessed, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. This name is for the sounds the car makes as they are driving along. Now, the children want to hear a story. Caractacus starts to tell a story of pirates and the next thing you know... they are living it! This is where the whole wonderous, dreamy story starts. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has various hidden talents which Caractacus has built in and even a few that Caractacus was not aware of.

Their are different worlds that are visited by them in their travels and many dangers and exciting moments to go with these travels. One of my most favorite parts of the movie is when Caractacus and Truly dress up as a doll and a wind-up ballarina and do a little dance together for the King that has the car held captive along with the children who are not aloud in the town. This dance routine is just wonderous and the whole scene is funny in the end.

As you can tell the names are a nice catch as well in the whole story. I truely feel if you have not watched this movie or your children have not watched this movie it is a definite must see for a good family movie night. (Do keep in mind the movie is a little long too.)


  1. Hi Melissa: Thanks for leaving comments on my blog (, especially the one on my writing (I'm bad for not actually showing it to anyone - I'm trying to push myself with blogging!).

    I apologize for the delay in responding to your comments - I try to get back to everyone that leaves a comment, but unfortunately, it's been a rotten week (week and a half...) for me - so I'm only now getting back to my blogging! Ta!

  2. I remember this Mel. I just used to love saying it

  3. Jenn - thanks for stopping by! Great to see you.

    Deb - I love singing the song and saying the name over and over again. I have been singing the song all night now. lol

  4. I think the car counts as a character just a Herbie would. Great pick this week.

  5. Thanks Ryan. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang seemed to have his own personality too, even if it was just implied by the characters. (Which was very well done).

    Herbie is on my list for in the future, too.

  6. Oh, I love chitty chitty bang bang and I agree with Deb I love saying it! Great pick!

  7. Now I've got the songs running thru my head as well! :)

    Loved this movie! And I have to agree that the scene where they pretend to be dolls is one of my favorites.

    Thanks for the great memories!

  8. I can't even remember this movie! I guess I always preferred Bedknobs & Broomsticks. I bet my boys would like it. I'll have to get it for them.

    Good one Mel! I'm doing mine next Wednesday...hopefully!

  9. Alexia - Glad you enjoyed the memory. I was so excited about this, that now I want to watch it again.

    Michelle - Bedknobs & Broomsticks is also on my list for FFC. I loved this movie as well. You will have to check out that post when it comes up in the FFC.


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