Monday, August 3, 2009

Washington DC

I have just returned yesterday from a short trip to Washington DC. My intentions on this trip were to visit monuments and a few museums. I knew in making this trip I would not even come close to seeing all the sights in Washington DC, and I was more than ever true. I think I could be there for a week and not even see all there is to be seen.

I went on this trip with my husband and son. Actually my 10 year old son was part of the inspiration to go on this trip. He has been very interested in history, more so in American Indian history but all American history included. I wanted him to experience some of the free benefits available by our country and the Smithsonian Institute. (Thank you by the way.) And yes I said free. Of course the monuments are free to get into but the Smithsonian Museums are free also.

I do have to say I was extremely pleased with the trip and not at all let down. The room we had was wonderful. It had enough room to it we did not feel as we were sitting on top of each other. It was very clean in our room along with the halls and the remainder of the building as well. And I do have to say there is a lot to be said for a comfortable bed. When you have spent all day on your feet walking to all the monuments and through the museums it is amazing to come back to a cozy room with a comfortable bed. I have been in hotels that the bed just was miserable, but not this one. Aaahhh. The people in our hotel, on the streets, and the museum workers were exceptionally nice. Even the other tourists were very pleasent. Our first night there we were lost for finding a place to eat. There was a kind person from DC who saw our lost looks and asked if he could help. He pointed us into the direction of a place to eat. Thank you for the help!! See there are still kind people out there in the world today. But, this brings me to my one downfall of the trip, places to eat. We could not find many places in town to eat, which were sit down restaurants. We are more the kind to go to a sit down restaurant and have a peaceful dinner, not the fast food of McDonalds or Subway. I would strongly suggest, if you are making your first trip to DC like we did, to look on line and through pamplets to find restaurants to eat at and where they are so you can work them into your trip.

We did only make it to three museums, which was wonderful for us; American Indian Museum, American History Museum, and Air and Space Museum. Now, I did take a bunch of pictures of our trip but I will only post 5 here to the next post.


  1. I'm so glad you had bun. I'm really jealous of your trip.

    Stop by my blog and pick up your award.


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