Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I was always one of those people who enjoyed art and other peoples creativity growing up. Maybe even envious of it, felling I couldn't create anything original or new. I loved art but never really had a true talent to do it, that my brother got - wonderful at comic drawing and creating. I did have my own creativity, if that is what you want to call it, in my dressing - I painted my shoes to be different and tried to dress originally using the normal selections with a twist to create me. I did the music thing, not composing but playing, yes I was in the band... But, now I am older and do appreciate art of all kinds; paintings, drawings, carvings, music, and writting.
My life has calmed down in the working end a lot over the last two years. With this mellowing I found reading, mostly fantasy - where anything can happen - anything. I even started getting ideas of my own for stories and have started writing notes on them with the thought to maybe expand on them in the future.
I have noticed that different things affect my creativity, the weather and seasons really affect me. At times I wish I had more time to spend there in that creative world when the thoughts are flowing.
I find it funny at times that when I was in school I had a block which I couldn't create but now I enjoy the small creativity I have found in myself.
Well, after this long thought... Have you always been creative and original or are you new to the field? What helps influence the creativity for you?


  1. I have always felt that I have unused creativity. I am always thinking of "stories" to write into books and yet I never seem to do it. I'm not sure if it's the idea that what I put onto paper may be rejected or not, but I'm sure it's a factor. I do find myself over compensating maybe but how much effort I put into merchandising my store.

  2. I'm an artist myself and always have been since I can remember, but it's not always easy to get the picture out of your head and onto paper. I think we all tend to over analyze and process things, then we have our moments where everything just seems to flow right out of our minds. There are never really any pacific moments that get me motivated. I guess it's just when I sit back take a moment and then just go with the flow that everything starts to come together for me.

  3. Thanks guys! Glad to see you stop by. I have been pressed for time to get on here since this post. I am going to try to get on here againg soon.

    I think my thing with the creativity is I never think I am original and it will never compare to others thoughts. I think I knock my ideas down before they really get flowing. I am now trying to not do that and just let it go. That and now I am not in school under the pressure of having to do what the teacher wants and worrying how much fun the other kids are going to make of it.

    Thanks Again!