Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog Book Chat.. 1st Stop

We have come to our first stop in The Hour of Dust and Ashes by Kelly Gay.

Let me tell you, it was a tough stop for me.  This book just keeps moving, and fast.  I'm really enjoying it!

But we are breaking this book into 3 sections (yep, it's going to be hard on us too).  And we are now at the first section stop, page 117.

But do be warned, There WILL BE SPOILERS in the questions and comments in case you have not read the book yet.

Now to get us started chatting...

Robyn's Questions:
1.)  Do you really think Hank just went Christmas shopping?  Could he be hiding something?
2.)  Bryn, do you think she'll be okay or will Charlie have to hurry up because she'll try and commit suicide?
3.)  Do you think Em will like her new school?  Will her powers grow?
4.)  What other elements do you think Charlie will have to face?  It's been water and air.  What's next?  Fire?

Melissa's Questions:
1.)  Why did the oracle torment Charlie about Hank?  Does she know something about them in the future we don't?
2.)  What do the Sidhe fae want with Charlie?  The same thing as the others after her?
3.)  What do you think Hank meant by "freedom"?  What has he left behind when he came to this world?


robsad79 said...

I want to know what the oracle knows. Is it good or bad? I'm hoping it's good but I have this feeling something is going to go wrong.

I have a feeling the fae want her for the same reason. Poor Charlie, she isn't safe anywhere.

Okay will write more later tonight. :)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh Robyn, I'm really bad today! I was all backed up at work and couldn't get on.

I have to say as I've enjoyed the other two book, I'm really enjoying this one even more! Which is a wonderful surprise for me. :) I'm always afraid the more books we go out in a series, that something will be lost. But so far, we are WAY ahead of the game here.

I did NOT want to stop reading this one. I could have kept reading in one sitting, if everyone would leave me alone. ;)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I too want to know what the oracle knows. Something is up. Or was she just tormenting Charlie? I think she knows if these two will get together, and I'm thinking yes by the fact that she was teasing her about Hank.

I was afraid we wouldn't get to see Hank in this first quarter. I really wanted to see him! And now we have. :) But I want to know allllll about him. His history. And what the heck he means about being free!?! Was he free as in a man and wife free with out the little old ball and chain? Or was he a slave and now free? Or was he a... prisoner? I doubt the prisoner thing or he wouldn't have been able to become a cop. But who knows!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I was thinking the fae were there for Charlie and the same reason as the Jinn. But I'm not 100% sure either. I wonder if they might be ones to protect the one.

And what was up with that creature smoke shadow thing that went through her. The oracle said Charlie summoned it with her powers. How? Is her pull with her powers that strong? Strange. Are the fae with that smokey creature? It seemed from Charlies view of their faces they knew what was happening. So wat it that half of her that was calling the creature?

And the creature is death... Now I'm really curious to see what the secretary finds out about it.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I do think Hank was really Christmas shopping, but I wonder if he is just as imbaressed as Charlie over what happened. Or more he thinks Charlie is upset with him. I really do think he wants a relationship with her. Other than just joking about it. I think that is his way of feeling out what Charlie thinks.

Oh! I had to giggle about the underwear! lol.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I really am waiting on pins and needles wondering what will happen with Bryn. And what happened with her and Aaron? Wow. That was a shocker.

But I think they could use Bryn when we least expect it. And now all the Ash victums are heading to jail...for protection. Maybe that is where they want Bryn... to learn the most she can?

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I like the idea of Em going to the special school. She is very powerful, and has abilities we don't even really know about. The throwing her mother so easily thing. So I wonder what all she can do other than talk with animals. I think it would be really great for her.

robsad79 said...

It's all good. I'm just getting on now. :)

I'm hoping we can get a Hank back story. I know it's in first person but there are ways to work around it. :)

I have a feeling Hank and Charlie are meant to be together but something will get in the way first.

robsad79 said...

Oh my god, I loved the underwear scene. That was so cute.

robsad79 said...

The only thing I'm wondering about with sending the victims to the jail, it still safe? I mean sure they are in a cell but something could go wrong, I'm sure. If they are all stuck in there together, something could go wrong.

Bryn, I hope they can use her. I have this bad feeling that she is going to get weak though.

robsad79 said...

Speaking of animals. I was happy to see Brim. I figured we would but I liked that he stayed there for Charlie when Em told him to stay.

robsad79 said...

I wonder if the fae will cause problems for Charlie. Will they harm her? Just use her? What do they want?????

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I really liked Rex and wanted Will to come back. But where would all these men fit in Charlies life? Hank, Rex, Will? I'm kind of at a toss up which one, although at the time I'm LOVING Hank. :D

LOL! I thought the spongebob underwear was perfect! I loved that scene. At that point, you just have to flow with it. ;D lol!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Yep. I'm waiting for something to happen with all the victims being in jail as well. I think it might just be where they want the people to be. There is a lot of information to be picked up on there. But I'm hoping Bryn pulls through with flying colors.

Do you think we will see a cure this book? The scientist is working on it. :)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh, I'm thrilled to see Brim as well! He is the coolest hellhound around. ;D

Yeah, I want more of these fae and what ever that other creature was as well. Did it come with them? What and where did it come from?

robsad79 said...

As bad as this sounds, I don't want Will to come back. What if he ruins things between Hank and Charlie. At first I wasn't thinking Hank and Charlie but now I am.

I have a feeling we won't see a cure just yet. I don't know if it will be the last book in the series but I don't think it will be this one. I think they'll get closer to finding the cure though.

I'm hoping we find out more about the fae in the next section.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

You know in Book 1 I liked Will and liked the idea of Charlie working things out with him. But now that we are here where we are... I like Hank too!

I'm wondering if there is a cure if there will be something that come with it like loss of memory or something. But I'm curious to see where we go with it.