Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog Tour with fun goodies!

Where right!  lol.  Well, did you all see my review of the AMAZING book I just posted?  Yes, I posted it yesterday.... All Wounds by Dina James.  Go ahead, check out the review and come back.  I'll wait.

*whistles happy little tune, do a little dance*

Oh, you back!  You, um.. you didn't see the little dance I was doing, did you?  Stop snickering.

Okay, so Dina is doing a blog tour and there are fun goodies to be won.  One of which could be a book here and there at a few of the stops.  I have a list of stops and dates to share with you.

Yes, I'M ONE OF THE STOPS ON THE LIST. :)  I am Mel's World.  She will be here Saturday October 22 with a guest post.  I DO hope you all stop by to check it out and say hello.

Now the list of places and dates for you to check out in the weeks to come:

~ First up we have Thursday, October 20th at Bitten By Books! This is going to have a fun contest and they've given me an awesome promo link for you all to RSVP here!
~ Friday, October 21st - Books Make Me Happy will be hosting me for a Q&A, book review, and there are rumors of a giveaway!

THIS IS ME --> ~ Saturday, October 22nd - Mel's World will have me as a guest on her blog, and there might be fun surprises!

~ Sunday, October 23rd - MamaKitty's Reviews is hosting me for a guest post and will have a review.

~ Monday, October 24th - Hanging With Bells will be hosting me for a guest post will have a review.

~ Tuesday, October 25th - JoJo's YA Corner will be hosting me for a Tuesday Talking Teaser and will have a review.

~ Wednesday, October 26th - Good Choice Reading will have me as a guest on their blog and have a review.

~ Thursday, October 27th - Laurie London's Blog will have me participating on her Thank You Thursday feature, and there are rumors of a giveaway!

~ Friday, October 28th - Skyla Dawn Cameron will be hosting me as a guest on her blog, and there might be surprises!

~ Tuesday, November 1 - JA Saare will be hosting me as a guest on her blog, and there are rumors of a giveaway!

~ And if all that weren't enough, Dina is having a giveaway on her own blog here!


Melissa (Books and Things) said...

*goes to post vid I just took of Melissa dancing*

Nope, I didn't film myself... *giggles*

Wow, you are everywhere! Oh and btw, you will be on mine on Friday as well. Boo!

Alexia561 said...

Wow, you're going to be pretty busy the rest of the month! Hope you get plenty of rest, and I'll start taking my vitamins in order to follow you around. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I had fun imagining you doing your little happy dance!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Melissa (Books&Things) - Err, you had the film running! Eeep! *sneaking into Melissa's house to erase video* :) Oh, I'll post a link on Friday! :) Thank you! Oh, I think I goofed in my wording, I'm not posting all these blogs, I'll visit, but Dina's stopping here. THank you!

Alexia - Oh, thank you. I miss worded when I typed this up. I'm just one stop on Dina's book tour. But I'll be going around to visit all the blogs as I do think I follow most if then,

StephanieD - hee hee. It was fun thinking the little dance. ;D Thank you!