Monday, October 17, 2011

Top 5 #1 Fantasy Reads for me

Are you curious what my Top 5 #1 Fantasy reads are?  Well, I've guest posted at WonderBunny's blog Cookies, Books, and Bikes.  She asked me to pick my Favorite Top 5 Fantasy reads.  So I kind of cheated and picked my Top 5, but I love the series they are in too. :)

I hope you take the time to stop by and check them out.  They really are amazing reads and well worth the time to look into them. :)

Please say hello to me there.  And while you are there take a gander around WonderBunny's blog.  She has an amazing site and reads amazing books, ones I now want.


  1. Away over there now, thanks for the link.

  2. Stopped by Wonderbunny's! Cool name!

  3. Thank you All! I'm going over to respond to you now. :)

  4. Thanks for posting this Melissa! And thanks for the many people that dropped by to comment! It was great!

  5. WonderBunny - You are sooooo welcome! It is always fun doing these posts and going back through the books. :) Thank you for having me by!


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