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Blog Book Chat (17) Stop 2

We have come to our second space station in Killbox by Ann Aguirre.  We are fueling up and readying for the final battle of the book.  It's all a downward slid from here, so catch up on what's happening and all your thoughts so we can take off again.

What a book!  Hope you are enjoying it as much as we are.  But now to some questions to get us started chatting.

Please remember!  If you have not read the book, there WILL BE SPOILERS in this chat.  Possibly in the questions as well.

Robyn's Questions:
1.)  I was surprised March and Jax still ended up in the same ship.  I thought they would end up going their separate ways.  do you think March is still keeping her close for personal or work reasons?

2.)  Do you trust Evelyn?  Part of me does but still not knowing what the Morguts want with her, it makes me nervous.  She seemed too eager to help at the beginning.

3.)  With the testing of Jax.  This could cause trouble for her in the future.  Health issues for sure but what about her safety?  when others find out, will they use her?  What if the Morguts find out?  With what they are doing with Jax, maybe they could use her against the Morguts and Morguts won't be too happy about that.

4.)  I wanted to scream at March when he broke the news to Jax but at the same time I understand why he did it.  Do you think they can stay as workers?  March still loves her that if something were still to happen to her, you know that would kill him.

Melissa's Questions:
1.)  What do you think the Morguts are up to, with being after Evelyn & Uranium?

2.)  Do you think Hit will survive?

3.)  Did March get the Morfex that Tarn has?

4.)  Do you think we'll get a close up of the Morgut and their technology now?


  1. I'll chat more tonight but I thought get my thoughts in, :)

    I have this bad feeling it's either Hit or Dina. I know someone else will die but who???

    He's not dead but I miss Vel already...

    I'm so curious to know the Morgut. I have a feeling we won't find out until the next book or it will be a short scene at the end, haha.

    I was thinking about that, getting a close up of the Morgut. But than I thought, it might involve Jax getting into trouble. What would the Morgut do with her?

  2. I'm very worried about Hit and Dina. I actually really like them. So I'm hoping, hoping they both make it. But we shall see what happens. Dina deserves some happiness here.

    When the message came over about the Dark Tide not making it I was so happy it wasn't Sweet Sensation, which is where Hit's at. But she's a great pilot too. Not as great as March, but a close second from what Ann has written about her.

  3. Vel! I miss him too! And I'm worried about him going back there. He could be in real danger! And what if they find out about Jael? They will know immediately that it was him that helped. I just worry now as he does NOT fit in there on his home planet. I hope he'll be okay and we get to see him very soon.

  4. I'm thinking we will get to see the Morgut and their technology here soon. Or start to see it. And YES! it will be big trouble for Jax. :) It has to be or their wouldn't be a story. he he. ;D I think they would want to keep her and Evelyn alive to learn what they could from them both. Interesting. Do you think we could end with a cliff hanger here? Seems possible. lol.

  5. No, I don't completely trust Evelyn yet. There is still to much not known or shared. We are guessing they wanted her for her knowledge of the nanites. But is that really true?

    AND she has the complete control of the nanites IN Jax along with the other hardware. That is a HUGE trust thing there. She could hurt Jax so easily and quickly.

    I'm also afraid she will try to step on Saul's wife's toes. She is getting just a little to close to Saul for my liking as well.

  6. Okay, back to work now. I'll be back later tonight with more stuff too. :)

  7. I was not really all that surprised to see Jax and March going out on the same ship. Jax had her journey on her own and was back. So I figured March would keep her close after that. And with her touch with death, she would want to stay close to him. But what I was surprised with was March wanting to break off the relationship. I see his point, but I was still taken back by it. I even teared up as I don't want them to separate. I like the together.

    Oh I think something is going to happen and March is still not going to be able to make the right decision for his love for Jax will get in the way.

    The question is what is that something that will happen?

  8. Okay, I'm breaking for a moment to chat on Aftermath...

    I'm hearing its heart wrenching and an amazing read. So I'm think we might need to read it next month in 2 weeks and then get to Caitlin Kittredge's book. lol. But it's up to you! :) Just think on what book you want to read next. I'm good with any and all.

  9. Now, back to chatting. :)

    The testing on Jax. I'm worried about this as it seems Saul and Evelyn have Jax in a delicate situation. They seem to have control over her, and if they get mad or side with the wrong people, well it's to easy for them to end her.

    But I think this research will help many jumpers in the future. Like our newbie Argus. That is cool. And there is so much they could do with Jax's dna.

    I wonder about her aging! I think that could become an issue with her and March... March ages, she doesn't or extremely slowly... ? What do you think? She could be watching all her friend grow old and die around her. I don't think she could take that.

  10. Oh and I was thinking about the area that March's ship is cruising and watching... Is this where his nephew is at? Or was last known to be? I need to go back and see.

  11. I'm wondering on this Morfex that Chancellor Tarn has ready to use on the Morgut. Does March have this? I've not heard anything about him getting any. And I wonder if the Conglomerate is keeping it from the Armada on purpose. Since the Armada is created of pirates and such they would want them to die off so they didn't have to worry about them in the future. Just getting a little nervous here. What do you think?

  12. Better get some more thoughts in before the thunderstorm starts, lol.

    I do wonder about Jael and Vel. This is when a third person point of view would come in handy, haha.

    When she hears about Vel, it could be because of his death and that kind of freaks me out, haha

  13. With the Evelyn and Morgut issue, I wonder about that. Do you think they knew about Jax before they came for Evelyn. Like maybe it's a trap and the Morgut planned it. They are forcing Evelyn to help?

    I want to yell at Evelyn for getting close to Saul but I also want to yell at Saul.

    I feel so bad for Rose.

  14. For what could happen with March and Jax? I could see it being one of those save Jax or save someone else. You know what Jax would want but could March do it. Of course, I'm assuming it will all work out in the end, haha. But could Jax let March let someone else die and forgive him?

  15. I'm not sure on the aging thing yet, maybe she'll figure something out? Or they will?

    With Doc and and Evelyn. I could see him trying to save her but he'll see what Evelyn is up to and try to protect Jax. We all know Doc is for the better good....we hope, haha.

  16. His nephew, I'm wondering if we'll meet him. Oooh, I just thought of something. What if March had to choose Jax or his nephew. What do you think he would do?

  17. I worry about Tarn and the Conglomerate. They have to be up to something. When you get smugglers involved, something has to be up. Like are they setting up the smugglers?

  18. Yeah, it was a little sad with the way she was talking of Vel. But I think that was in part Jax being over dramatic as the times can't tell what will happen. It could lead to death.

    As for knowing about Jax and having Evelyn to help... I don't know. I don't think anyone knows how to communicate with them other than Vel's kind. But then again, maybe someone knows something more than we know... hard to say.

    I just don't know what to think with Evelyn and the Morgut. It is one of those things we didn't get much information on in this section. I'm hoping we'll learn more in the end here.

    And Saul needs to open his eyes or have a good slap on the cheek. lol.

  19. Oh, I have a feeling we are going to be left hanging dry. And HAVE to read Aftermath asap. lol.

    I'm not sure where we'll end up with Jax and March. But I do think there is going to be big trouble. And will be heart wrenching.

    Oh now to choose Jax or his nephew... that's just not fair! I don't think we'll see him here in this book, but will definitely see the nephew in the future. I think it's going to be a not so sweet reunion too. Maybe the Syndicate or the Farwen will get to him first or something. But I can't remember if he is in this part of the universe that Jax and March are patroling.

  20. I'm worried about Tarn and the Conglomerate too. Of course the governments are always holding the cards and information they don't want to share. Are they going to turn into another Farwen? I'm thinking it's possible.

    But by those letters we are reading it is making me worry what they have up their sleeves. I want to find out! lol

  21. I think I'm going to start into the last section of the book here tonight. I'm REALLY Curious and didn't want to stop at the end of this section.

    I have to say I think this might be the best book of the series yet! I really enjoy the action and the new tech we are getting. And the detailed information we are getting.

  22. I'm going to read a few pages tonight but I have this huge fear we won't find out about Evelyn and Morgut in this one but maybe the next. In that case, I'll be like, can we discuss the book in one setting, haha.

    I think we'll definitely see the nephew in the next book. There is too much action in this right now to bring up another tiny plot. Although, it could be a cliffhanger, lol.

    I hope not this week but the week we take a break flies so we can start the next book.


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