Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday's Beginnings (101)

Well, it's Monday...once again.

I had big plans for the weekend in reading and stuff.  Yeah, had plans.  My husband and I went out for our anniversary dinner Friday night, then Saturday my son went to a friends house at the late minute so on the spur of the moment we went out with friends.  Had fun, but was up late so Sunday was a resting day for me.  I have loads I need to get through this week once again.

First up, I hope everyone has been following the 2 Year Celebration Posts here for the last week.  I have one more for today, and tomorrow I'll recap everything with links too.

Currently Reading:
The Last Four Things by Paul Hoffman

To Come This Week:
   Spectyr by Philippa Ballantine
   The Last Four Things by Paul Hoffman
   Doubleblind by Ann Aguirre (if I can get to this one this week, otherwise will be next week)

Last Week:
Books I Finished:
Spell Bound by Kelley Armstrong
Spectyr by Philippa Ballantine
Doubleblind by Ann Aguirre

Reviews Posted Last Week:
Spell Bound by Kelley Armstrong

Podcast Reviews Last Week:
Sorry, I've been spending every moment with my nose in a book or working on the celebration posts.  I will get back to these very soon.

I did write a Flash Fiction Friday last week too. :) I hope you enjoy it.

My WANT list... I added 7 new books.  Not many, but a slow process forward.  Slow and steady. ;)

Books Received:
For Review:
Goodreads Synopsis:
When all hell breaks loose in Chicago, Eva Dantanian, top agent for the Demonic Management Agency, is the first one called to help. The 700 year old daughter of a fallen angel enjoys working out her frustrations kicking demon ass ... until her mission puts her in a race to save a missing child.

When family becomes foe and foe becomes ally, deep secrets and betrayals rip her family apart. As the pieces fall into place, Eva is faced with the horrible truth. To save the innocents under her protection, she must kill one of her own kind.

So this will probably be my last purchased book for some time.  I couldn't pass buying just one last book at the Borders Express in the mall.  Fond memories of browsing the shelves there. :)
Goodreads Synopsis:

Nothing says "home" like being attacked by humans with very large guns, as Jane and Anyan discover when they arrive in Rockabill. These are professionals, brought into kill, and they bring Anyan down before either Jane or the barghest can react. Seeing Anyan fall awakens a terrible power within Jane, and she nearly destroys herself taking out their attackers.

Jane wakes, weeks later, to discover that she's not the only thing that's been stirring. Something underneath Rockabill is coming to life: something ancient, something powerful, and something that just might destroy the world.

Jane and her friends must act, striking out on a quest that only Jane can finish. For whatever lurks beneath the Old Sow must be stopped...and Jane's just the halfling for the job.

So, I have loads to do this week as well.  I think I'm going to try and stay home this coming weekend as well... try that is. :)

How are you looking at the beginning of this week?  Does it look like a good reading week for you?


  1. I do think I will have a good reading week too :D

    I do have that first Peeler book, oh well one day

  2. Happy anniversary! I think you rocked the reading despite the distractions!

    Oh, I went this weekend to see some 5 week old puppies! The boy wasn't too sure. He was fine with them but looked at them like... uh, no milk here guys. lol

  3. Blodeuedd - Oh, I hope you have a wonderful week in reading. :) And I hope you enjoy Peeler's first book. I really enjoyed it and the second. They are just plain fun. I found myself laughing out loud a few times in both books. :)

    Melissa (Books&Things) - Oh, thank you. :) Oh and baby puppies! Awww. I bet they were the cutest things. :) lol. The little man could be confused with them. lol. Thank you!

  4. Oh, Belated Happy Anniversary!!! Sometimes, life gets in the way of reading. But it sounds like you had quite a bit of fun.

  5. Happy anniversary! I hope you guys had a great time. I'll have to see about getting Eye of the Tempest as well, especially now that Jane and Anyan are finally together.

  6. StephanieD - Oh, thank you for the wishes! :) Hope you have a great week!

    Simcha - Thank you for the wishes! :) Oh, I can't wait to finally get into reading Nicoles book. I still have to get to Tempest's Legacy yet too! Eeep! :) Have a great week!


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