Monday, August 8, 2011

We Have Winners!

First I want to thank EVERYONE for stopping by for my 2 Year Celebration and helped make it such a fun success.  It was amazing seeing you all here and stopping by to say hello to you all (if you have a blog).  And if I haven't made it yet, I'm sorry but I am trying to visit everyone I can.  I will try to get to you as well.  But if I haven't made it yet, Please leave a comment and I can jump over to see you sooner. :)  I do hope you all enjoy hanging around here and continue to visit and comment.

Okay.  So, now that I'm rested up and ready to go I have some winners picked.  Wow!  There was a lot of work in talleying all the entries.  But I think it is sooooo worth it. has spoken.  So how are the winners?  Here they are......

Giveaway #1:  Grimspace, Wanderlust, and Doubleblind by Ann Aguirre

Giveaway #2:  Enclave by Ann Aguirre
Diana (claimed)

Giveaway #3:  Bloodlines by Skyla Dawn Cameron
Rissatoo (claimed)

Giveaway #4:  Amazon $10 gift card
Jess (claimed)


  1. Congrats to everyone! Rissatoo, I hope you enjoy.

    And thanks, Melissa, for the wonderful celebration.

  2. Thank you very much !!! Congrats to everyone!

  3. Thanks everyone for taking a moment to congratulate the winners. :) And Thank you all for stopping by through the festivities. :) You all are wonderful!

  4. Congrats to all the winners! And, I love the twinkling image :)

  5. Missie - thank you for stopping by to congrat the winners. :)

    Jackie - Thank you. And so glad you like the twinkling image. :) I made that all on my own! Hard to believe. It's one of the first I've done. lol. Yeah, I feel like the little kid taking their first steps. lol.


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