Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just for Thought (9)

How do you like your fairies?
Good or Bad?

I've been talking a lot about us and books; buying them, picking them, etc.  So I thought why not chat some on what we find inside.  And started with fey for the heck of it.

I've read a few different books where the fey vary from nice and tricksters to the mean and ugly.  How do I love my fey?  Um, I have to say both, lol.  To me fairies are always tricky and can error more on the bad side than good.  I guess in my mind they think they are being funny and tricksters.  But to the people they are doing this stuff to find them a little, or a lot, on the mean side.  To me the fey walk a grey line, and I enjoy that.  But it all depends on what stories and fairy tales you grew up with.  I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

So, what are your thoughts on Fairies?  Do you like them good or bad, and how do you see them?


  1. Mysterious and dark.

    Or Sparkly and angsty.

    Or how ever the author wants to write then and as long as there is some explanation or believability to it. If the fairies can fly, a brief description of wings is nice but not necessary...although as a science person I do have to wonder how someone with a normal humans bone mass could be held up by wings that are only say six fix long. I'm sure somewhere out there someone has figured out how long wings would need to be to hold a human up.

    If the fairies are based on traditional lore, just make sure it isn't so obscure that the target audience wouldn't know that.

  2. I like them both good and evil. I think it depends on the story. I even like reading them to be both good and evil in the same story.

  3. I like fairies to be like the elements. Sometimes calm and gentle, but sometimes destructive and violent. Turning from happy to angry in a split second.

    I like them to be more than just humans with pointy ears. I like the old school ideas about them. That they have their own logic and laws that don't necessarily make sense to humans.

    I like when they just do what they do, with no explanation. No mortality involved. Just beings existing as they have for millenia before us and millenia after we have gone.

  4. I'm with you--I like my fae folk *both*, so long as they're written well. Melissa Marr, for instance, writes both good and bad fae exceptionally well, IMHO.


  5. Oh, definitely a bit bad. How could they not be?

  6. This post made me instantly think of Keith Donoghue's The Stolen Child about a human baby being raised among modern day fairies - not much fun; kind of sad and dark, rather depressing. I think I'd like to see them portrayed as both.

  7. For some reason I'm just not really drawn to books about faeries, perhaps it's because most of the books portray the faeries as so dark that I haven't enjoyed reading about them.

  8. I love, love books with fearies in them. I like them much better then vampires and werewolves. ;) I like them dark. The evil, smooth ones! Yes, gotta have those in my stories. :)

  9. I like them both ways. I like it just different because they live in their own world and don't always share our morals.

  10. WonderBunny - Yeah, I'm good with just about any way too. And a little of explanation for them the way they are, but that kind of falls in world building too. :) Thanks for stopping by!

    Robyn - You have to have evil if you have good, right? :D Thanks!

    Sarah-Jane - Hi! :) Hope you are feeling better. Fairies are so neat that they can be any way possible. And a very flexable creation too. But yes they have to be more than just pointy ears. :) Thank you for stopping by!

    Lori Strongin - Oh, you know I have not read Melissa Marr's books. I do want to one of these days though. :) Thank you for stopping by!

    Missie - lol. They seem to have to have the little sly part to them. ;D Thank you for stopping by!

  11. StephanieD - Oh, I don't think I've ever heard of The Stolen Child. It sounds like an interesting read. It is neat to see them portrayed both ways.

    Simcha - Thank you for stopping! I was wondering if there was anyone not really taken with fairies. I like that. Thank you!

    Nina - I'm really starting to enjoy fairies lately too. They are so diverse in any way possible. Not just a stereo typical. :) thank you!

    Melissa (Books&things) - That is soooo true! Not sharing our morals. :) I like that about the fairies. They have their own kind of being and world. :) Thank you!

  12. I will admit that faeries really try my patience for the most part. All the double handed, tricky talk just annoys me! But, I do understand how it makes for interesting stories. I haven't given up on faeries yet. but, gah! I'm not sure I can take much more, lol. (This is mostly because it seemed everything I read for a while contained The Fey, so I'm taking a break now. ;)

  13. Jackie - I tried to respond last night but blogger was giving me fits and I wasn't in the mood to fight with it. So I will try again tonight. :) I do enjoy the tricky fey. They are fun and keep my mind wondering. :) But they can get old if over done. And it seems we do go through phases with books being published with fey and all.


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