Thursday, August 4, 2011

Throwback Thursday (27)

Let's talk about those books already on the shelves, yours or the stores.

I have a post for books I'm looking forward to coming out;

Looking Forward To...
But what about all those wonderful books that are ALREADY on the shelves.

Whether it be on your shelf waiting to be read or on the shelves in the stores waiting for you to give it a good home.

So, I thought I would share a book a week that is just waiting for me to travel through it's world.

Now... where do I start? Lets go by Published Date on the books...

This Week:

This is another young adult book I won in a box of YA books.  And it sounds interesting with the tattoo angle.

Goodread Synopsis:
SAMMI, TQ, CARYN, Letty, and Katsuko are floaters. None of them fits in with any particular group at Covington High School—except each other. One night, to cement their bond, the girls decide to get matching, unique tattoos. But when Sammi backs out at the last minute, everything changes. Faster than you can say “airbrush,” Sammi is an outcast, and soon, her friends are behaving like total strangers. When they attack Sammi for trying to break up a brawl, Sammi spies something horrible on her friends’ backs: the original tattoo has grown tendrils, snaking and curling over the girls’ entire bodies. What has that creepy tattoo artist done to her friends? And what—if anything—can Sammi do to get them back? This deliciously creepy psychological thriller is the perfect summer read.


  1. Lots of books I have not head about on those shealves :D

  2. Oh creepy!! Good one for anyone considering a tat? lol

  3. Very creepy indeed! I like the idea of the outsiders still being outside the outsiders - if that makes sense! :)

  4. Blodeuedd - lol. So glad to always be able to share a new book with everyone! :) I think I like that. ;D Thank you!

    Melissa (BooksThings) - It does sound creepy, but I like the idea here. ;D Thank you!

    Mel - It does make sense. :) And sounds like a neat idea. Thank you!

  5. They should hand this book out at the high schools - see what happens when you get a tattoo?!

  6. TT is such a great idea because this is a book I hadn't heard of before, but it does sound good. Thanks.

  7. it seems interesting, i didn't know the book i'm curious to know how it really is !

  8. StephanieD - lol. You are so right! I see so many young kids with tattoos. It's unreal. Thank you for stopping by!

    Missie - Thank you. :) So glad you like the Throwback Thursday idea. :) And glad to introduce a new book to you.

    Melliane - I had never heard of this book until it was in the stack of YA reads I won. I am curious about it. I will get to it one of these days. :) Thank you for stopping by!

  9. It sounds good, very dark. Liking the cover too, a bit creepy, but that's okay. ;)


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