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Interview & Giveaway with Devyn Quinn

I have an interview with a wonder author for you today.  Had you seen the book I was reading that had Mermaids in it?  Siren's Call was the name of it.  Well, today's interview is with the author, Devyn Quinn!  And if you read through to the end, I think there is a Giveaway!
M:  Hi Devyn.  Thank you for doing the interview today.  And I am thrilled to be on your virtual tour this month for the second book in your Dark Tides series.

DQ:  Thanks for having me today. I’m delighted to be here.

M:  Is there just a little bit you can tell us about your novels to let the new comers to the series know about Tessa, Gwen, Addison, and Kenneth?

DQ:  The Dark Tides series centers around three mermaid sisters and their search to discover where the Mer might have come for, and the reasons behind their extinction.

M:  I think one of the big attractions to the series is the idea of Mermaids.  I haven’t read anything until now with mermaids as the main characters.  And it seems many people fall into the same category.  What brought you to mermaids?

DQ:  Lindsay Nouis at NAL was looking for dark material and had contacted my agent. I actually submitted another proposal, but Lindsay wasn’t looking at vampires at the time. She wanted mermaids. On a whim, I wrote up a proposal and submitted it through my agent. I wasn’t really expecting to sell it. I had just thought maybe it would open the doors to having NAL look at some of my material at a later date. Imagine my surprise the proposal sold.

M:  In your Bio you mention you spend a lot of time reading history.  What kind of history really interests you the most?  Does this help in your writing? 

DQ:  Oh, definitely. Even though I write fiction, I try to do as much research as I can so that any subject I write about will at least have some roots in reality.

M:  I also saw on your bio you have several tattoos and one special one on your back {I’m sorry I’m guessing that is your back in the picture}Would you like to share the scene? 

DQ: That is my back, and the scene depicted is from my Keeper of Eternity series. Echoes of Angels, the first book in that epic, was just re-released in eBook from MojoCastle Press and it is now available through most online venues. I am thrilled to see Morgan Saint-Evanston, my favorite character, making a comeback.

M:  Now, let’s get to book 2 your new release ~ Siren’s Surrender.  From the synopsis it sounds as the book might be more from Gwen’s view point rather than Tessa’s.  Is that so?

DQ:  Yes, Siren’s Surrender is Gwen’s story and takes up about a month after the first book left off, where the sisters are dealing with the aftermath of Tessa’s discovery in the Mediterranean Sea.

M:  But our friends and foe from book one will be present as well correct?

DQ:  Absolutely. Both Jake Massey and Mer Queen Magaera are back on hand to cause trouble for the sisters.

Oh, that Jake Massey.  I want to love him, yet hate him.  I do like how you've written him.

M:  How many books do you have planned for this series?

DQ:  So far, three. Siren’s Desire will be releasing Feb 2012.

M:  Will they all be from different points of view of a different sister, or character?

DQ:  Each sister plays the star in her book, though all sisters appear  in each other’s books.  The third is a bit more complicated, as events from book 1 and 2 all play a part in Addison’s story.

M:  After reading the first book, I am just curious… Could we eventually meet the girls’ family members that have discarded their heritage?  It seems they just might have a piece of history that the Queen could be after and the girls might want to find first.

DQ:  At this point, that is up to my editor and NAL as to whether or not they will want to continue the series. At this time, that is open and we’re discussing the idea of more Mer books with other characters.

M:  Is there a scene in these books that was difficult for you to write, for any reason? 

DQ:  Action scenes are hard for me to write, as I have a hard time finding the correct words to describe what I see in my head.

M:  And what was one of the most enjoyable scenes for you to write?

DQ:  The last one, LOL. It meant the book was finished.

M:  One last quick question that I ask on my interviews here.  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?

DQ:  Ireland!

M:  Thank you Devyn.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview you.  Here is wishing you all the best in words and pages.

DQ:  Thanks for having me!
Would you like to visit Devyn's site?
You can visit Devyn's Site HERE.
Oh, she has some amazing sounding books.  You have to go check them out!
You can read about Siren's Call, with an excerpt on Devyn's Site HERE.
You can read more about Siren's Surrender, with an excerpt on Devyn;s Site HERE.

Now, Time for the Giveaway...
Devyn has graciously offered to give one lucky commenter a copy of Siren's Surrender!  Her new book released February 1, 2011.

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  1. I have never read a book, that featured mermaids before. It sounds really good.
    I am a gfc follower.

  2. I enjoy reading about mermaids, sounds good!

  3. Great interview Mel! And may I just say, Devyn, WOWZA on that tat! How many sessions did it take?


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  4. I'm glad you wrote the proposal on a whim. I so want to read both of these because I love mermaids. :)

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    giveaway page:

  5. Great interview! And WOW, what a gorgeous tattoo! I cannot wait to read this book and would love the opportunity to win a copy!

    spazp at me dot com

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  6. i like how the series is set in a Mer world. cool tatt.
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  7. Sounds really good. Thanks for sharing!

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  8. Hi Devyn
    Great interview and congrats on the new release.It sounds really interesting.

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  9. This series sounds very interesting. I haven't read any books featuring mermaids yet, but I have been looking for one. This would be a great place to start. :)

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    Sara M
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  10. Great interview. I cannot wait to read all of Quinn's mermaid books!

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    robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

  11. I enjoyed the interview and wow, what an impressive tattoo. That really takes some time and dedication to have such a large and complicated scene done. I'd be so disappointed that I couldn't see it except in a mirror after all that, LOL. I enjoy stories featuring mermaids and I'm looking forward to reading the Dark Tides series.

    GFC follower

  12. Great interview! That is an awesome tattoo.
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  13. I've heard great things about this series. I'd sure like to read it.


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  14. Hello Devyn:) would love to have this the tattoo!


  15. I remember you talking about this one when you were reading it. I'd really like to read it. Love Devyn's tattoo and I'm with her...would love to go to Ireland. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I'm a GFC follower.



  16. Cool interview! I agree, Ireland would be a great place to visit.

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  17. Hi Devyn great interview.I cant wait to read your new book .I follow via GFC and I tweeted!/lilblupixie

  18. Hi Devyn! I think this series sounds intriguing and I love the cover art! The only mermaid story I can think of prior to this is The Little Mermaid, lol.

    I think I made it just in time to enter!
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    Great interview, Melissa!


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