Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog Giveaway Hop to come...

Yeap, I signed up for another Giveaway Hop!

These sound like so much fun.  Now, no I haven't got through my first one yet but I am planning on enjoying myself.

This next Giveaway Hop is for one of my favorite holidays... Saint Patrick's Day!

I will post more when the time comes. :)

Do you want to sign up too?
Visit I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and sign up, HERE.


  1. Oh yay! We are both in that one too! I'm trying to think of something good for that one as it is the Malamute's birthday (the 17th). Hmm....

  2. Melissa (Books&Things) - Oh cool! Glad to hear your doing it as well. :)


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