Sunday, February 13, 2011

CSN Furniture Review (Part 2 of 2)

As I mentioned in the first review, I was so taken with a few items that I had to get two pieces of furniture.  So, as I promised you here is the second furniture review.

I think this piece just might be my favorite yet!

Okay, So this package came in its cardboard box as well - with the bubbles around it to help protect it.  But, I thought the actual box of the item was much better to share.

I have to admit, I got a little nervous when I saw all the pieces that went with putting this one together.   My first thought was, how is this all going to fit together with only...screws!  So I went and got my handy dandy screw driver and sat down with the directions.

It was actually very easy to put together!  I was very thrilled with myself.  The pieces slid together easily in the grooves and then where screwed tight with in the back.  Easy as pie!  I was nervous for nothing.

Now my only delema was getting it on the wall.  As many of you know we just moved into a new home and my husband is a little weary about putting things on the wall, and of course me being the one to drill into the wall.  So, I had to wait until he was home to have him drill into the wall and stud and install the heavy screws to mount the shelf on.  (he doesn't trust me with heavy tools. ;D)  So, vvvwallaa...

Would you like to see the shelf in action?  I already knew what was going on it the minute I saw the unit.  I wanted to put my next books to read on it, whether my wants or review copies.  And of course I always have more than enough books to fill any shelves I get these days.  So here it is, getting filled up...

I do love this one.  And it seems to be so sturdy when anchored into the stud.  I would suggest this nice wall mounted shelf to any one who would love to have a wall shelving unit.  I love the looks of it and it is very practical for usage!  CLICK HERE to go over to the sight!


  1. Oh, I like that shelf! It's very aesthetically pleasing :D

  2. That is great! I also love the floating shelves that they have!!

  3. Melissa (I swim for oceans) - Thank you for stopping by. And glad you like the looks of the shelf.

    Stephanie - Oh, thank you! And yes their floating shelves are all amazing looking. :)

  4. Love the look of these! Great job! And don't worry, my DH is the same way about me and power tools! *L*

  5. Love the look of this one. However, I suspect you need several more of these... ;)

  6. Looks good, but what is that bird on top?

  7. Ladyting_534 - Thank you! So glad you like the shelf. :)

    Alexia - Glad you like! :) I think these are my fav. No their not big, but I love the looks of it. Oh, and so glad to hear there are others like me that are not allowed power tools. ;D LOL!

    Melissa (Books&Things) - So glad you like this shelf. :) I do need several of them though, but I love the looks of it. ;) I'll work towards more, *whispering* husband just doesn't know yet.

    Ryan G - Oh, Ryan! Thank you! Hope you are doing well. I know you mentioned you where feeling down. Hope you are feeling better. Oh, yes the little bird on top...That's Beak. He's a little beanie baby my son had, and I just couldn't bare to throw him away when my son was done with him. So I kept him for in my den. He's watching out for me from above. ;)


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