Sunday, November 14, 2010

What would you get?

Well, I've been going through my WANT list to pick out books for a Secret Santa I want to sign up for.  (Which I'm afraid I'm not going to make my choices for it to get signed up.)  But I am trying to narrow down to 10 books and this got me to thinking...

I was wondering what others would want for the holidays if one person was going to get them one book.  I know we all like to dream, but as a normal request to a friend if a friend asked you.  Any book, new or old, that is on the shelves already or will  be by the holidays.  What do you want?  Do you have that one book that you have to have this year?  Or are you like me a divided between a few different ones?

What's my choice?  Well, I'm divided between two books.  Ones that are starts to amazing series as I've heard.  They are:  Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs by Molly Harper OR Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin.

Let me know what you would pick as you one. :) Hope you all get what you are looking forward to.


  1. I want both of those books too!
    ...and I'm divided between like 10 books LOL. I want too many

  2. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha h ah a hahahahahhahahahahha



    Oh wait... you were serious? One book... *snort*

    hahahahahahahahah *wipes tear*


  3. I've already got too many books! I don't need any more!

    But I'm sure if you twisted my arm, I could come up with a list of 40 or so. LOL

  4. When I put my choices out there I just went off my wishlist because I figured any of the books I am going to be glad to get because I want them there on my wishlist...LOL Then I forget what it was a wrote down so it will be like a total surprise when I get something..LOL

    Out of your two I would go with Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs.

  5. I've heard Jennifer Rardin is awesome and I really need to try her books! Gosh - picking just one book is so hard! Ummm...oh oh! I know! The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan! I loved Percy Jackson and am dying to read the new Camp Half-Blood book! =)

  6. I'm with Melissa (Books and Things), hehe.

    I have those two books on my list. I almost put them on our list for our book blog club but decided not to. They are still on the pile of 90 or more other books to read, haha.

  7. I've read Molly Harper's Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men, so I can vouch for her writing. With all of the books I've read recently there are still scenes in that one that stick out, surely the sign of a good book, right? I have the next book sitting waiting for me also, but need to read the first one (I tend to do things out of order :-p ). I've heard of Jennifer Rardin but not enough to say yay or nay, lol.

    Good luck with whatever you pick!

  8. Spinecraker - See, I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one having troubles picking. I pick then I go back and repick. Its to hard to narrow down. :D Thanks!

    Melissa (Books&Things) - LOL!!!! You crack me up. To perfect of a comment. :D That makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who can't pick or narrow the stack down. I can soo see you rolling on the floor with that post. Did your side hurt by the time you were done laughing? ;) thanks!

    La Coccinelle - That is exactly it! I'm behind in the stack of books I have here. I buy them faster than I read them anymore. So many great picks and I just keep running out of time. But it is so easy to pick so many more books to get.

    Ladystorm - Oh, my WANT list is so long. It is so hard to narrow it down as I want them all. But I did keep the list... um, I think I kept the list. Now I might end up with doubles if I don't have it here somewhere... I'll have to check that. Thanks for stopping by!

    Casey (the Bookish Type) - I am really glad to hear you enjoyed the Percy Jackson series so much and Rick Riordan. I am wanting to find time to read them. And with my son too. Thanks for stopping by!

    Robyn - LOL! It is to hard to pick! I really do want to read them. That is the one great thing about our list we pick from, even if I don't have the book I want to buy it so it doesn't hurt to add it as I will get it sooner or later. So why not sooner. :)

    Jackie - Thanks for letting me know you've read the one book and enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by! It is so hard to narrow down as I keep going back and repicking. Oh, well, hope to get them all and many many more in the years to come. ;)

  9. You sound as bad as me. I always say I better get the book now so I have them. :)

  10. Robyn - I never know if the store will have the books when I'm ready to read them. (okay so sounds like a lame excuse, but it works. ;) )


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