Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Teaser Tuesday (48)

Teaser Tuesday

is a weekly event
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Here's how it works:
Grab the book you are currently reading (anything at all)
Open the book to any random page.
Share 2 teaser sentences from anywhere on the page
Please Make Sure They Are Not Spoilers!
(Don't Give Too Much Away)
Just enough to pique our interests

This Week:

I noticed a prickle as I passed out of the house, beyond the protection of the wards.  Out there, I felt defenseless, and not just because I was barefoot.  I sensed the thing in the forest watching from the shadow of the trees, darkness beyond mere night, beyond mere absence of light.

Hell Fire
By Ann Aguirre
pg 128


  1. I've been curious about this series, I love her Samantha Jax series and her Skin series, so I'm thinking I need to give this one a try as well. Great teaser!

  2. I still need to get her first book which is on my wishlist. One day I'll be able to read the books I buy! One day! ;)

  3. Great teaser. Leaves me wondering who/what is watching her.

  4. Jenny - Thank you for stopping over! I have been thinking on the Jax series and Skin series. I have enjoyed these and want to try those ones. Glad to hear you enjoyed them. They are both on my want list now. :) Hope you get a chance to try this series and enjoy it.

    Melissa - LOL! I know the feeling. I have loads of books I've purchsed and can't seem to get to. Hope you enjoy these, as I think you might, when you get to them. :)

    Caolsnotebook - Hello! And thank you for stopping by! This was a great section to read. I just got through it so I'm still curious about what/who it is. :)

  5. Melissa the memories that linger from the book are I guess short and fleeting because this particular passage escapes my memory! I must be getting old! LOL

    You will love the "Skin" series probably more than this one even once you read the books.. Personally I am anxiously awaiting her new ones that come out next year, "Enclave" and book 3 "Shady Lady" ....

    jackie >_<

  6. Hey Jackie! Thanks! Oh I forgot about Enclave. I've been watching for that one as well. It really sounds great. She really is a great author. And if the other two series are that good... oh, I'm going to have to get them to at least have on the shelf here. ;) Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great week!

  7. Love the teaser.

    I am very eager to read Anne Aguirre. I have picked up one of her titles on the resale rack at my library but I cant recall the title.

    =) Have a great week.

  8. Hey Chasity! :) Oh I think you will enjoy reading Ann Aguirre's books. :) And I've heard the Jax series and Skin series are even better. Thank you! You have a great week too. :)

  9. I've seen Ann's name mentioned around but haven't read anything by her.

    Your teaser confirms what people used to say about not going into the woods alone, right? :-D
    (Now, I've got the tune for Teddy Bear Picnic going thru my head - it freaks me out just a little bit :-p )

  10. Jackie - lol. Great tune to have running through your head. :) Oh, I hope you get the chance to try Ann Aguirre's books out some time. I have heard great things about her other series too. :)


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