Friday, November 19, 2010

Looking Forward To...(29)

There are so many amazing books already on the shelves and new ones coming out.

For a list of books yet to be released I'm looking to get, you can also look on my right Sidebar at the ever growing list titled Desired Reads - just scroll down.  Of course there are tones of other new books to come out that are amazing as well, but these ones are part of series I have already started or for one reason or another caught my eye (and haven't seen much on other blogs yet). But I will highlight one here each week.

(mentioned in order of Release Date then Alphabetical if there are more than one book coming out on the same date.)

The Next Book Is...

Soul Hunt
By:  Margaret Ronald
Due Out:  December 28, 2010

I've read the first two books of this series on Evie Scelan.  She is a very unique 'person' with an ancestry that reaches back into the Celtic times, and she has a few hound specialties.  The books have a lot of great Celtic mythology base twisted into a current style world.  I have enjoyed these books.  And I was left with the feel in the last book that Evie's abilities are changing, or growing.  And I want to know what happens to her and her boyfriend.

The reviews of the first two books (just click the title):

The hunter has become the hunted . . .
Without even realizing what she was doing, Genevieve Scelan has made a bad bargain. The Red Sox fanatic and supernatural tracker known as "Hound" for her extraordinary power of scent wishes she could leave magic behind now that she’s eradicated the evil cabal that oppressed Boston’s undercurrent for centuries. But now her talent’s fading, the local adepts’ squabbles are turning ugly, and worse, she’s just discovered that she owes a very large debt to someone . . . or something. And in the undercurrent, debts are taken very seriously.

Evie has until midwinter to pay up . . . or else. So when she gets a job that might save her—even if she’s breaking all her own rules to take it—she can’t pass it up. Now, with danger at her back and uncertain allies beside her, she’ll trace the very bones of Boston itself to protect both the city and the people she loves.


  1. Oooooh like the sound of this one :)

  2. Oh noez! My wishlist grows bigger! This looks good.

  3. Loved Evie, so looking forward to this one!

  4. Melissa - This series has been fun to read. :) Hope you get a chance to check it out.

    Melissa (Books & Things) - :) So glad I could help you make that wish list grow. :) I hope you enjoy this series if you get to it.

    Alexia - Yes, thats right you did read Evie. Glad to hear you are looking forward to this one as well. :) Hope you enjoy!


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