Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blog Book Chat (5)...Final Stop!

We are at our final stop for Hell Fire by Ann Aguirre.

I hope you all enjoyed our chats.

I know there are always you out there who have already read the book and where waiting for us to get to this part of the book to jump in with us.  So please don't hesitate to comment here.  We want to chat about what ever you can think of on this book.

Did you like it or not?  Why?  What are your thoughts with where it ended?  Writing style - easy to read or not?  Anything.  Hit us with it.  We love to chat and want you to join in with us.

No holds bar here!

Please do remember if you haven't read the book yet, there WILL be SPOILERS in the comments.

We do have some questions to get us here we go:

Robyn's Questions:
1.  What favor do you think the demon will ask her?  Could that be the storyline for the next book?
2.  Why would a demon think her mother was a great witch?  Was there an evil side to her mother?  Maybe the demon has a heart.
3.  In this section it seems Corine was thinking more of Jesse than of Chance. (Or was it just me)  Do you think she really cares for him more than Chance now?  Maybe she is only choosing Jesse because she keeps fighting with herself that she can't be with Chance.
4.  I don't think we have seen the last of Chance.  How do you think the two will be brought back together?
5.  If she goes back to her shop, is this the end of her and Jesse?
6.  We have some possible storylines for the next book, which one do you think will be the focus of the next one?

Melissa's Questions:
1.  Do you think Shannon will stay with Corine or go off on her own?
2.  Has the happenings at the end of Hell Fire changed Corine?  Now that she got her revenge will she be a different person?  Good or Bad?
3.  The demon, Maury, said he did not take Corine's mothers' soul when she did, that he didn't know where she was.  Do you think with this happening there will ever be a chance of Corine being in contact with her?


  1. I'm thinking Shannon will play a role in the next book so she'll stay with Corine.

    I think Corine will still have good in her. I think. Now that she closed a chapter with her mother, she can move on.

    I definitely think her mom's soul is out there and oooh good storyline :).

  2. I'm wondering though if the demon liked her mother. What kind of person was her mother?

  3. I'm hoping Shannon will stay with Corine. I think they will make a great pair. But I am afraid that it will put Shannon in danger though. Corine does seem to leave danger in her wake. ;)

    And Corine's mother! I don't know if we will ever see her contact Corine. I kind of like the suspense on that line with her.

    I do think Corine's mother was a good person. I think she knew there was some bad things going on in that town and even though a demon isn't a good person, what the ancestors of the town did to it wasn't right either. Summoning him to the city and stuck like that. I wonder if she tried to be nice to him to keep him calmer and under wraps a little better.

  4. I think Corine is going to be changed a little bit. But she will still be good. I think her wanting those people to pay and die then them actually dieing are two completely different things. And it will have an effect on Corine.

    And Shannon hasn't dealt with her feelings yet. Is she going to break down over her mom? I wonder.

    I think the characters are all going to start off broken in a sense in the next book.

  5. Oh my poor Chance! I feel so bad for him. I don't think we've seen the last of Chance. I think he's going to go to Mexico! Yeah, I think he'll make the jump.

    Now, Corine and these boys. The last section she seems to to be with Jesse more than Chance. BUT.... She seems to think of Chance a lot. I think she loves him and would pick him if it wasn't for the chance of her getting the backlash of Chance's luck - and possibly killing her.

    I'm sure she cares for Jesse but it seems as she loves Chance, to me but I might be reading more into that.

    I don't think she will stay with Jesse in Texas though. I think she will give him a shot with a relationship, but I don't think it will work out in the end.

  6. There are definitely a few ways the next book could go. We could easily get a few books :). I bet we don't see the mother storyline again for awhile or maybe we'll get hints about her in the next book. I do hope we get to see her spirit before the end of the series.

  7. I'll be so proud of Chance if he makes the jump. He didn't seem so happy she wouldn't follow him. That made me kind of mad, lol.

    Right now, I see Chance and her love as a past love. Like she will always love him but that could change.

    I'm still torn after this book, who I want her with.

  8. Ann has really left it open for a few story lines to take from here. Boy wouldn't that really suck for Corine if it all comes out at one time. ;)

    I was a little irritated with Chance myself when he expected Corine to come home with him. But I think he thinks, she thinks that is home. But Corine has made her own life and changed too. So Chance needs to deal with that change and adjust for it. But I think, or hope desperately, that he will come around.

  9. OK, I came by to see what your final thoughts on the book are. Unfortunately by now I'm a little hazy about the details of the story but I do remember being really irritated with Corine for the ways she kept toying with the affections of the two guys. Whenever she was with one of them she would just have to make out with them, even if the other guy was just in the other room. I really lost any respect for her because of this. And why can't she control her impulses. Just because she is attracted to a guy doesn't mean she has to act on it. This is actually a problem I have with a lot of PNR and UF books.

  10. I just hope when he is ready for the change, he does it because he truly cares for her. I think he does but at the same time like the last book, I thought he only thought about himself.

  11. Okay, sorry it took me a while to get back to the chat here.

    Simcha! So glad you joined in with us. :) I have to say I more felt bad for the guys with Corine not picking them. I thought Jesse has to feel awful for the feelings he was getting off of them when he was down stairs. You know he knew what was going on. And Chance thinking he could win her back, and the stringing him along every once in a while she did. But I didn't really get upset with Corine, although maybe I should have. But I didn't seem to be that invested in her.

    I do have to say I really really like that Shannon was introduced here in this book. I am hoping to see much more of her in the future books. I think she can really help Corine grow up and lay down some roots in one place.

  12. I am curious to see when the demon shows up again. I'm thinking the next book will be more on Montya and not the demon. Although he could show up, but I'm thinking the 4th book is where he will show up.

    I wonder if we will see our friend that is the hand of god again in the next book as well. There is still work to be done to eliminate Montoya. :)

  13. If I remember, the next book brings back Kel and maybe Montoya?? I would have to double check that.

  14. Yup, I was right :)


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