Sunday, February 7, 2010

Reminder and Update

Just wanted to stop in for a moment to remind you all today is the last day to enter in my contest!

The prize is your choice:
   Iron Hunt by Marjorie M. Liu
   $15 gift card from Amazon

I am going to try my hardest to pick the winner tomorrow evening.  Click here to enter.

We have a lot of things going on at the current moment...  We where hiding under 2+ feet of snow and lost our power.  Yep, now power here for two days!  And no internet service.  I tried to read my book, but it was very slow goings when you are freezing and by candle light.  Along with the no power thing, and snow, our hot water tank blew.  Of course the water tank was in the laundry room with all my dirty cloths on the floor.  Yeh, fun! Not only do I love doing laundry but soaking wet laundry is the best. ;)  So currently that is what we are working on since we have power.  Power is such a lovely thing!!!! :)

I do have  a review to type up and post here with in the next couple of days and I will try my hardest to pick the winner tomorrow evening.  Hoping things will be calmer by then.

Okay, got to go and try to get that laundry room cleaned back up.  Hope you all had a better weekend then us!  All in all with that being said it really wasn't a bad weekend.... lots of family time.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry. That's the worst. I'm glad everything's back in order, though.

    Happy laundry and cleaning day!


  2. Oh Mel, so sorry you're having such a bad weekend. Hope everything starts looking up for you =O)

    I'm already entered in your contest...wish me luck!

  3. In theory I would love two feet of snow, and then I hear stuff like that and I'm glad we aren't getting that much. We should end up with 6-8 inches by tomorrow night. I'm glad things are getting back to normal.

  4. Bryce - Thanks! No power just puts a damper on everything when its cold.

    Michelle - Now its Monday and into a new week with power and HOT WATER! Yeah! Good Luck to you!

    Ryan - Having 2 feet of snow is great, when you have heat to come back into the house to warm up with. The poor kids have wanted to play in the snow all weekend and we couldn't let them because it was sooooo cold in the houses. we bottomed down to 40 before the electric came back on. There was no way for them to heat back up if they went out and got wet and cold. I felt bad, but... what are you to do?


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