Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday's Beginnings (23)

Well, here we are again - Monday...

How are you faring in reading your books?  Are you starting a new book for the new week or are you still caught up with one?  It seems for me the beginning of the week is when I get to start anew.  I have noticed at times Mondays set the pace for the week for me too.  So, have you got much reading done and think the week will go easy for the reading or are you going to be chasing the clock all week for reading time?

Last week went well for me.  I picked up five new books for my list from other blogs I have visited.  I have been a little slow at picking up books from blogs because there are a few great books coming out soon I really want to get and read.  With being a slower reader I have to make sure I keep time open for these books coming up and with the books I want to read on my list.

I just got done reading Nyphron Rising by Michael Sullivan, so this review will be up here this evening.  I would have been done sooner except the reading weekend I thought I was going to have kind of didn't happen.  Which is okay.  My husband had a spur of the moment thought to go away Saturday afternoon, without our son.  It was a nice little afternoon to go out as adults for once.   So, my big reading time was to be Saturday afternoon but something else came up.  This evening I have been on the wild run to find fish food, and stuff to go with the fish my son brought home from school.  Along with this he wanted another fish to keep the first one company.  Then when we got home with all this stuff, the fish from school is on his death bed.  Poor thing.  So we are waiting to have the funeral when the fish is finally taken off of life support.

I am hoping to get to Inked book 3 then move on to Hell's Belles by Jackie Kessler.  Hell's Belles is for my Mini-Challenge for at Literary Escapism.

So... Let me know how your Monday is going... How are you faring with your reading in the beginning of this new week?


  1. That's so nice that you and your husband got to get away for a bit together. We haven't done that in years. How old is your son?
    I look forward to reading your review of Nyphron Rising.

  2. Simcha - the two of us getting just a little bit of together time doesn't happen very often. Our son is 10. He is growing up so fast. Soon he will be off to college.

  3. Oh that is great that you & hubby got away together.
    My Monday is going kinda crappy - but it will be okay, lol! I am going to finish online and go find a hot book to read, lol!
    I hope all is well for you my friend!

  4. Cecile - Sorry to hear its a yuckie Monday. I am actually making my last rounds here now to head off and read some before bed. Hope you have a better Tuesday!


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